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GlossAi digitizes conference promotions using Generative video-AI

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AI-edited videos are allowing event organizers to share social media teasers of speakers in near-real time. “The rapid availability of highlights and social-ready content using AI amplifies excitement and reduces the burden on our marketing team during our event,” said Cathy McPhillips at the Marketing AI Institute.

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL – GlossAi, creators of a suite of generative AI services, including near real-time video editing, is spearheading a new initiative into the Conference & Event Industry, turning rapidly-edited video using AI to produce dozens of highlight reels for each speaker quickly following their presentations. As tech partners at MAICON, speakers will receive personalized highlight and teaser reels to share across social media, scaling conference promotions.

Conference and event marketers are able to garner registrations based on marketing promotions and past event lists, however, they lack the ability to attract last-minute interest in real-time. Creating a video that shows why the conference is important for their audience is a multi-week process that is as time-consuming as it is expensive. In addition, a third-party video company may create a visually-appealing video but often lacks the most important moments or key statements made by speakers. In response, GlossAI is working with MAICON to leverage Video AI (V-AI) to turn speaker sessions into active promotions. Within minutes of walking off stage, promoters will be given teaser and highlight clips that are specifically designed for various social channels. This rapid turnaround allows event marketing teams and speakers to boost their online presence while boosting the number of new audience members, potential attendees, and more.

“Using V-AI, each speaker will receive personalized highlight reels and edited videos that boost brand perceptions and turn speakers into targeted promoters,” said Ofer Familier, Co-Founder & CEO of GlossAI. “Organizers are seeing the benefits of the AI revolution, turning what was once a costly and cumbersome promotional video into dozens of modern clips that are then shared across the speaker’s networks.” MAICON will have their videographers record relevant moments, then send them to GlossAI for editing. Within a few minutes, conference organizers will have personalized videos without the drain on resources that this kind of work demands when done manually.

Beyond videos, speakers can also receive other generated AI content, such as ebooks, white papers, and more, all from a single speaking engagement.”With a single presentation, they were able to create dozens of outputs for various platforms,” said Cathy McPhillips, Chief Growth Officer at the Marketing AI Institute. “The rapid availability of highlights, postcaro usels, and other social-ready content reduces the stress on our marketing team onsite, while also adding content for our strategic promotions of future events.”

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