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CRS + PMS = Success!


The hybrid CRS+PMS is the future of reservation management for hotels – and the future is now!

Everyone who has been working in hotel technology knows that one of the biggest hurdles for hotels in adopting operational technology is the difficulties in fully integrating all their systems. We’ve all heard “we integrate to that” (eye roll).

Integration between systems can be time-consuming and costly. Even once the initial integration is finalized, there can be issues where integration fails, and business losses often happen as a result. Whether it’s a lag in the data transfer time that causes an unfortunate overbooking, or an error in either rates or inventory, these tech struggles can wreak havoc on a hotel’s operations and guest satisfaction ratings, both in the short and long-term. In fact, the integrations between solutions are the most common “breaking points” in a hotel’s tech stack.

Given that this is such a widespread problem for all technology vendors – including those offering CRS, PMS, RMS, Channel Manager, Booking Engine, Business Intelligence, etc. – something must be done to address this issue. I’m here to share an idea that I believe will be the solution to all our problems (at least, for hotels and CRS/PMS vendors):

Instead of having a CRS and a PMS, both sold to you by different vendors, imagine having a CRS and a PMS, combined into one solution, offered by a single vendor!?

The hybrid CRS+PMS is the future of reservation management for hotels – and the future is now!

Here’s why...

Combining the solutions would eliminate the necessity for integrations, and the ‘oh, so common’ breaking points that they bring – and the mistakes that follow; this is the most obvious reason that combining the two solutions would resolve so many frustrations for hoteliers (and, also for the vendors who are responsible for troubleshooting the integration issues that they will inevitably face), but it’s not the only one...

We all know that the PMS’ strength is in the management of a hotel’s internal operations, but not as effective for managing complex rate structures or inventory types. The CRS offers much more sophisticated rate options and inventory control for hoteliers, especially for those who want to offer multiple, complex rate types. When combined, the hybrid CRS+PMS would provide the internal operational support that hoteliers need to ensure that the guest has the best possible booking experience and the hotel stays profitable and functioning, while pulling accurate rates and inventory from the CRS, in real-time – giving hoteliers the best of both worlds, without all the tech headaches!

Choosing a hybrid solution has other HUGE benefits, especially if you pick the right technology provider (this is key for your success!). When you’re choosing a hybrid CRS+PMS, look for a company that offers a centralized support system that is available 24/7, so you can always reach someone, night or day, if there is a problem or you have questions. Additionally, the company should offer proper training, both during the onboarding process and, also, as needed when/if a new staff joins the team. Without a proper understanding of how to use the solution(s) properly, you won’t be able to get as much ROI out of your tech spend, so training and support are essential – especially for someone new or early in their revenue management career.

Today, hotels expect a quick, easy and turnkey solution and, as such, the user experience (UX) of the solution is important; it needs to be easy-to-use, for even the least tech-savvy person on your team; this is imperative for your property’s success in revenue generation, because you will need to leverage ALL the features offered by your solution to maximize your results and ROI.

So, do I have you convinced?

We could say goodbye to the days of last-minute calls from hotel clients whose integrations have experienced issues, while making the solutions that hoteliers depend upon, easier to use and more reliable than ever before. What do we have to lose?! As an industry, let’s all go hybrid!


What do you think? Do you agree that the hybrid CRS+PMS is the best solutions for hoteliers and for tech vendors? Why or why not? Share your thoughts in the comments below or email me [email protected]

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