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GIATA' s new innovative feature and additional focus on hotels and hotel groups


GIATA – the innovative travel technology service provider with 98% market coverage in the German-speaking region now also offers business support for hotels and hotel groups.

BERLIN - The Berlin-based travel technology company GIATA possesses the world’s largest matching database of hotels and holiday homes, with over 21,500 global business partners and 547 suppliers in 74 countries. Its innovative and unique service allows GIATA to provide perfect sales support and further marketing add-ons. The unique GIATA-ID system is an indispensable tool for comparing tourism offerings, making GIATA a strong and essential partner in travel and tourism sales and distribution. A new feature is the additional focus on hotels and hotel groups. GIATA places great emphasis on the fact that each hotel retains control over its hotel information and images at all times.

Together with his GIATA team, founder and managing director Andreas Posmeck has built up one of the world’s largest hotel factsheet databases. This database writes grammatically-correct hotel texts that display more variation than those written by conventional copywriters – and in a total of 24 languages. The running texts can be automatically uploaded to hundreds of providers by GIATA, are easy to update and subsequently visible on thousands of portals around the world.

GIATA delivers multilingual texts to the 334,000 most-booked hotels worldwide, which are created in accordance with GIATA’s internal criteria and European travel industry standards. These hotel descriptions are currently available in 24 languages and can be automatically implemented across all marketing channels. This ensures that hotel information is fully available online. In addition, GIATA conducts quality control on photos of the hotels, quickly processing and adding them to the systems of multiple providers. As such, the hotel images are actively “pushed”, sometimes within a matter of hours.

There are currently some 120,000 different tourism marketing channels available worldwide, and GIATA provides approximately 21,500 of those with information such as texts, facts and images. In order to ensure a high quality of hotel information, GIATA has now developed a tool for the hotel industry.

As a long-term partner and provider of reliable data, GIATA has long enjoyed a high standing in the tourism industry. The next logical step is the improvement of hotel data at the source – the hotels themselves. With the tool developed by GIATA, hotels can independently and easily update all content, facts and images across a platform whenever changes may occur. These changes will be automatically and simultaneously updated at travel agents and on online booking systems.

“GIATA provides an enormous reduction in workload and increase in time saving for hotel sales teams. The tool allows hoteliers to upload images to the GIATA server. These are automatically tagged and subsequently added to many providers’ data. They are also made available in the sales systems of providers, OTAs, search engines and travel businesses via pull mode.

“In this way, we at GIATA see ourselves as a supporting service provider for the hotel industry. By eliminating recurring tasks, we allow hotels to spend more time looking after their guests.” says Jana Friedel, Business Development Hotel Products at GIATA.

In addition, hotels are provided with a web link, which contains all content, multilingual texts, facts and images of the hotel. These are also available in XML, JSON and .zip formats. As such, the hotel can directly share the link with every further global business partner independently of GIATA – in up to 24 optional languages.

This expands and improves online presence and increases booking rates. Hotels save time and money because they can simply upload their data with GIATA rather than taking care of each channel individually. They can then use the time saved to concentrate on the acquisition of new guests, as well as other sales activities.

GIATA offers this innovative technology for a very reasonable price per hotel, which is comparable to a single, additional overnight stay per month.

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