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Host Agency Reviews caps Host Week with HAR’s 2021 Luminary Awards


HAR’s 2021 Luminary Awards include a new award category plus updated eligibility guidelines to make the awards more equitable. 

MINNEAPOLIS – Host Agency Reviews (HAR), a leading online resource that connects travel professionals to industry resources, capped its inaugural 2021 Host Week by announcing the 2021 Luminary Awards. The Luminary Awards eligibility criteria were updated in 2021 to level the playing field for host agencies of all sizes. Additionally, HAR also included a new award category, The Galaxy Award, which recognizes hosts who win an award in every category. 

The criteria for the five award categories are as follows: 

  • Supernova Award: Recognizes hosts with high average review ratings.
  • Nebula Award: Recognizes hosts for receiving new reviews.
  • Constellation Award:  Recognizes dynamic engagement with advisors.
  • Data Scientist Award: Recognizes contributions to critical industry data
  • Galaxy Award: New this year, the Galaxy Award recognizes agencies who won an award in every other category. 

36 of HAR’s nearly 200 host listings received one or more Luminary Award(s) in 2021. Hosts agencies that received a Luminary Award ranged in size from having two independent contractors to 5,000+. 

This year, only one host agency–KHM Travel Group–received HAR’s  first-ever Galaxy Award, which recognizes host agencies who win an award in every category. 

On winning HAR’s first-ever Galaxy award, Bill Coyle, Director of Education and Programs for KHM said, "Earning the Galaxy Award is a testament to our agents' generosity and willingness to share their experiences with those new to the industry or looking for a host. We're grateful for all of the feedback and data that Host Agency Reviews gathers on behalf of hosts and prospective hosted agents. It's so valuable, and we are always thrilled to be able to add value whenever we can."

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