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Three places to travel in December


This article will help you to decide where you want to spend your holiday. Check the most incredible places in the world to travel in December.

Relaxing by an open fire, the wonderful smell of pine needles from the Christmas tree with colored lights and delicious food are some of the thoughts that appear when December is mentioned. 

While some people think to experience this month with the family, preparing and making the arrangements for Christmas Eve, others more adventurous can take advantage of the opportunity to escape elsewhere, whether inside or outside the country. This article will help you to decide where you want to spend your holiday. Check the most incredible places in the world to travel in December. 

Ishikawa, Japan
Japan is one of the most frequently visited countries. Millions of people every year go there. The advanced technology, the natural landscapes and serene, elegant and clean cities, with lots of parks and gardens, are just some of the reasons that invites travelers to visit this beautiful country. 

Ishikawa is the city of choice. This Japanese city is all about being pampered and enjoying yourself. It is the perfect place to relax and enjoy of spectacular views. Now, in truth, one of the coldest months is December. But don’t worry, wear the proper clothing and voilà! Hats, mittens, snow pants and a warm coat are appropriate. Finally, one cannot – must not – forget is the footwear. It should also be carefully considered as this month can be full of snow.

Despite the snow, Ishikawa has more than enough to do. Remember that snow does not mean being locked up all day. There are endless ways to spend your days. A good example is snow sports such as skiing and snowboarding. Travelling to this city might actually be one of the most pleasurable trips you make. 

It can also be a good place to go as a couple. In Japan, Christmas Eve (December 24) is a time for romance, a day for young couples to reaffirm their love for each other. Highly recommended. 

Las Vegas, U.S.A.
Las Vegas is better known as “Sin City” or as the “City that never sleeps”. If you are looking for a little more action, then this is the perfect place. Luxury hotels and an endless choice of leisure activities brighten Las Vegas. 

But what makes Las Vegas so special? In December, Las Vegas offers the best climate to help make your stay enjoyable. In addition, as the days around Christmas and the New Year approach, the atmosphere is magical. If, at any time, this city offers incredible scenarios, just imagine at this time of year! 

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Cape Town, South Africa
The most beautiful and oldest African city is Cape Town. Here you will find a blend of unique and rich cultures that will leave you astounded! It was, precisely, in this city where the slave trade took effect. Also, how is the general knowledge, it was the home of the world’s most famous political prisoner, Nelson Mandela, a visionary and great leader. 

Want to experience the best summer of your life? Visit Cape Town in December. If you didn’t have the chance to enjoy the sun, pack your bags and explore it. In this city there are numerous places that you can visit.

Enjoy the magic of Cape Town and visit what you can. You need at least more than a week to have a good time. It will be more than worth it. Lastly, if you want to give yourself a particular reward, try a breathtaking helicopter flight. The view will be indescribable. To understand it, you have to live it. You only live once, so enjoy it while you can, is the motto.

Photo by Aron Visuals on Unsplash

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