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Alexandra Manousakis launches new Art & Wine labeling campaign

New art and labeling from Alexandra Manousakis.

The new wine label is reminiscent of artistic impressions we’ve seen before in Alexandra’s artwork on ceramics and other objects.

Manousakis Wineries co-director Alexandra Manousakis will launch a stunning artistic labeling campaign for the Nostos Alexandra’s wines in the coming weeks.

For those unfamiliar, since moving to Crete from New York back in 2007, Alexandra Manousakis has expanded a legendary wine brand created by her father Ted Manousakis. The property just outside Chania at Vatolakko, is now an icon of Crete and one of Greece’s most respected wineries, as well.

Not too many people know, but Alexandra graduated from NYU and majored in Fine Arts, Business, and Hellenic Studies. Art and design have been always been a big part of her life, and also a factor in the recent successes of the winery.

Last year Alexandra wrote a report on Argophilia about the wonderful initiative “Terroir by Alexandra Manousakis,” which spotlighted how the fingerprint of the land of Crete makes an indelible mark on all the products of the winery, and the island overall.

The new wine label is reminiscent of artistic impressions we’ve seen before in Alexandra’s artwork on ceramics and other objects. Alexandra starting using her artistry for labeling about 3 years ago when Manousakis Pink received a new label. Now Nostos Alexandra’s will carry the unique artistic style made famous with Alexandra’s Terroir products.

Nostos Alexandra’s is characterized by its clear, dense ruby color. The wine has fruity aromas of strawberry, black cherry, mulberry, and a hint of tobacco and other spices. It’s imbued with rich legs, a full and dry mouth with smooth tannins. The wine pairs well with roasted meats and casseroles, and for me it goes best with (shoot me my Cretan brothers) Mousaka.

The new labels will go on once all the 2016 vintage Nostos Alexandra’s has sold out. She says this will happen in the next few weeks.

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