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Launched in Sydney

The Visitor Economy Taskforce Report outlines path to build visitor economy

The report outlines some of the key measures that must be engaged. Priority actions include recommendations that are priority of the Federal Government under the Tourism 2020 strategy.

The Visitor Economy Taskforce Report (VET), launched in Sydney, outlines the key challenges and actions needed to support the NSW tourism industry to achieve its full potential through to 2020, ATEC Managing Director, Felicia Mariani said.
Recognising a need for Government and industry to work collaboratively, the report outlines some of the key measures that must be engaged if NSW is to reach its aggressive target to double overnight visitor expenditure in the State by 2020.
“The NSW Government has clearly identified tourism as a key driver for economic success and the VET has uncovered some of the supply and demand side issues affecting the industry, providing the groundwork for serious consideration,” Ms Mariani said.
“The report has made strong proposals, founded on good, evidence based research undertaken by the VET and ATEC welcomes the report as an opening to further Government investment, policy development and action in support of the NSW tourism industry.”
Ms Mariani said the detailed report had analysed the state of NSW’s tourism industry and looked at both the issues that needed to be addressed and what needed to be done to support the industry’s prosperity.
“By doing a thorough analysis of where the industry currently sits, this report provides a strong basis for further analysis and outlines some of the key actions we must take as an industry to achieve our goals.
“Importantly, the report recognises that industry and Government must work together to overcome the barriers to success and the VET have come up with strong proposals which we urge the Government to consider.”
The report outlines priority actions including:

  • Increasing visitation
  • Increasing Sydney accommodation capacity
  • Destination management planning
  • Skills and labour supply
  • Regional marketing
  • Encouraging local councils to invest in tourism
  • Establishing a Cabinet sub-committee to oversee visitor economy priorities
  • Joint Government/industry committee to support implementation of the VET outcomes.

“Many of these recommendations are current priorities of the Federal Government under the Tourism 2020 strategy and it is important that they are incorporated into the plans of State Governments.”

“In particular, I support the establishment of a Cabinet sub-committee to oversee the visitor economy priorities as a whole of Government agenda and I believe the industry will see this as a true endorsement of the contribution tourism makes to the NSW economy.

“The report clearly shows that NSW risks falling well short of its 2020 target if it continues on its current growth trajectory and we must take action to harness the opportunities before us.  These recommendations provide the Government and industry with a clear understanding of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to us reaching our potential.”
“This independent review has dug deep and identified the existing barriers to our success which will only help us to build a better product for both our domestic and international markets.”

“ATEC is looking forward to reviewing the Report to identify ways we can work with our members to contribute to and collaborate on the strategies that will see NSW realise its potential over this decade.”

The VET was established in June 2011 to investigate the infrastructure and investment needed to build a strong tourism industry across NSW. ATEC Chair, John King OAM, was appointed to the four-member Taskforce, spending 12 months in consultation with industry stakeholders, culminating in the production of today’s report.