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Cover Genius partners with Ryanair to offer customers embedded travel protection in the United Kingdom

Research reveals majority (74%) of British travellers intend to switch to an alternative channel for travel protection due to dissatisfaction with pandemic-related Insurance coverages and claims, highest figure worldwide

DUBLIN/LONDON — Cover Genius, the leading global insurtech for embedded insurance, announced a strategic partnership with Ryanair, Europe’s largest airline, to offer its customers comprehensive travel protection, integrated directly into the booking flow for a more convenient experience.  

By integrating with XCover, Cover Genius’ award-winning global distribution platform, Ryanair customers will have the option to purchase a selection of protection products tailored to their itinerary. 

Ryanair’s Director of Ancillary Revenue, Greg O’Gorman, said: “We are delighted to partner with Cover Genius to offer our growing network of customers an even more convenient and comprehensive suite of travel insurance options. Customers can now avail of tailored protection packages that are specially curated for each itinerary, regardless of their location or language, to give them peace of mind as they travel with Ryanair, Europe’s no.1 airline.” 

This partnership follows a travel insurance survey that shows an overwhelming majority (74%) of British travellers plan to switch from their current travel insurance channel due to dissatisfaction with coverage and claims experience, representing the highest percentage of dissatisfied customers globally. This is according to a survey conducted by, and commissioned by Cover Genius that observed 509 British travellers to better understand sentiments regarding travel insurance, their preferred channels for obtaining it, and their experience when making a claim. 

In comparing recent purchases versus future purchase preferences for travel insurance, of those who purchased from their travel provider or agent in the past 18 months, 62% prefer to purchase this way again. 

Findings show that while 46% of British travellers got travel insurance to protect themselves from pandemic-related issues since March 2020, more than a third (39%) of these British travellers had pandemic-related claims rejected. 

Since the start of COVID-19, our network of travel partners have seen a 647% increase in attach rates, showcasing the accelerated need for protection,” said Peter Smith, VP Strategic Partnerships – Travel for Cover Genius. “In today’s environment, the nation’s leading digital and digitally-enabled companies — whether airlines, OTAs, cruise lines or even banks and fintechs — need to lean on insurtechs for tailored protection suitable for their customers, rather than relying on traditional insurers and legacy systems to administer protection to their customers in their time of need.”

When asked to rate their claims experience, customers scored an NPS of -37 for all sources of travel insurance (travel provider/agent, online insurer, health insurer, or credit card). However, online insurers delivered the poorest outcomes for their customers, with a post-claims NPS measuring -50, and taking 26 days to process. Cover Genius’ post-claims NPS stands at +65, the highest independently monitored score for any insurance company worldwide.

The study also showed a correlation between NPS and resolution time for claims, suggesting that claims backed by faster payments, clearer policy wordings, online status updates, online filing and avoidance of data re-entry can all increase satisfaction rates.

As customers expect a digital-first experience, now is the time for major European brands to step up and protect their customers with embedded, hyper-relevant products that reduce friction and are fit for a future where customers increasingly want their protection to come from their favorite brands,” said Smith. 

The study follows on from two groundbreaking reports that showed customers — universally because it’s more convenient — have a strong preference for bank-embedded protection based on transaction monitoring, and they want the peace of mind knowing that their favourite retailers can tailor warranties and shipping insurance to their underlying items.

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