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Brussels' cultural sector will also be participating in events, with a programme of LGBTQIA+ artists and projects in collaboration with

Bright Festival looks forward to seeing you again next year from 13 to 16 February 2024.

The bomb attacks in Brussels have severely affected flight bookings to the Belgium capital. In the days following the attacks

Looking at the source markets for travel to Brussels, the UK (-191%), Italy (-206.5%) and Austria (-236%) are proportionately the

The metro, museums and schools, many shops and cinemas stay shut today in the usually bustling EU capital where many

Brussels will be Emirates’ 147th destination, closely following the launch of Oslo, Norway on 2nd September.

Early 2014 launch will connect Florida with capital of European Union.

The Brussels hotel sector currently has almost 2,500 “Green Key” rooms, representing almost 16% of the hotel rooms recognised by

The principle of "gαΣtronoμία @ Bruxelles" is based on the exchange of Greek and Brussels’ culinary expertise.

Belgium is ranked last in the European gross operating profit per hotel room. The Brussels Hotels Association rings the alarm