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mobile booking claims industry lags behind customers’ use of technology.

Mobile first impressions and design and usability have seen an increase in overall satisfaction wave on wave. Detailed analysis reveals

As research studies have shown, Hispanics are turning to their mobile devices more frequently than PC, and this is true

The HRS Corporate App offers features such as the hotel search based on pre-set corporate locations, maps, as well as bookings made by American mobile users increased by over 80 percent. The last-minute booking trend has proven to be

More revenue now comes from Android smartphones than iPhones.

Unique Digital calls on travel companies to seize opportunity as YouGov research finds mobile ‘search & purchase’ exceeds ‘search only’.

With this partnership, consumers are granted a quicker, more convenient booking option for an expanded number of hotels.

Travel bookings via mobile devices increase by more than 20 percent in the first six months of 2014; Mobile travel

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