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eDreams overcharging Italian consumers by +216%, claims Ryanair


Six OTAs have signed “Approved OTA” distribution agreements with Ryanair, including loveholidays, Kiwi, TUI, On the Beach, eSky and El Corte Inglés.

Ryanair published its April’s OTA Pirate survey, which has again exposed eDreams as April’s No.1 OTA Pirate, overcharging consumers 25.24 euros for an 8 euros reserved seat on (a hidden mark-up of 216%), and also charging consumers double for Ryanair’s 10kg bag allowance (39.42 euros compared to just 19.79 euros on While eDreams is April’s most rip-off OTA Pirate, Ryanair’s survey shows other OTA Pirates such as Opodo, Gotogate and Mytrip, continue to scam unsuspecting consumers with hidden overcharges and invented “service” fees of up to 65 euros per booking when no such fees exist on

While Ryanair continues to campaign for consumer protection from OTA Pirate overcharges, it is indefensible that consumer agencies, such as Italy’s AGCM, have failed to take any action to stop this OTA piracy and consumer harm. Especially since the Milan Court of Appeal recently dismissed claims by these OTA Pirates that Ryanair was abusing a dominant position in the Italian Market. The Italian Court ruled that Ryanair’s direct sales policy was “reasonable” and had led to lower costs & lower fares for Italian consumers. Ryanair calls AGCM Chairman Roberto Rustichelli to explain why he continues to allow OTA Pirates like eDreams to overcharge Italian consumers, despite 6 months of Ryanair survey evidence which exposes these OTA Pirate overcharges in Italy.

eDreams Res. Seat €25.24 €8.00 +216%
Opodo Res. Seat €31.49 €14.00 +125%
eDreams 10kg bag €39.42 €19.79 +99%
Gotogate “Refund” Fee €65.00 €0 €65.00
Mytrip “Premium+” Fee €39.90 €0 €39.90
eDreams “Premium” Fee €17.99 €0 €17.99

In recent weeks, six large OTAs have signed “Approved OTA” distribution agreements with Ryanair, including loveholidays, Kiwi, TUI, On the Beach, eSky and El Corte Inglés, under which they agreed to stop screen scraping the website, and also to stop overcharging consumers with inflated air fares, inflated ancillary fees and for invented fees for non-existent services. These agreements demonstrate how OTAs can work transparently with Ryanair to benefit Italian consumers, without scamming or overcharging them. Ryanair now asks why have eDreams and Lastminute so far refused to sign these agreements when they clearly benefit and protect Italian consumers.

Ryanair’s Dara Brady said: “Despite Ryanair providing 6 months evidence of blatant OTA Piracy and consumer harm, eDreams and other OTA Pirates continue to overcharge consumers and invent these fake “service” fees. April’s OTA Pirate survey shows eDreams is overcharging Italian customers by over 200% (25.24 euros for a reserved seat that cost just 8 euros on as well as charging 39.42 euros for a 10kg bag that costs just 19.79 euros on

 It’s time for the ACGM in Italy to take action to protect consumers from this internet piracy and overcharging by eDreams and other OTA Pirates, especially since the Milan Court of Appeal recent ruling has shown that Ryanair’s direct sales policy is reasonable and leads to lower costs and lower fares for Italian consumers.”

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