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Eighth ATR 72-600 joins Air Serbia fleet

Air Serbia

It was painted in the Serbian national airline’s livery in Toulouse, and since 10 March, it has been undergoing handover procedures and technical inspections in France.

Air Serbia‘s eighth ATR 72-600 aircraft landed at Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport and after completing mandatory procedures, it is expected to join Air Serbia’s operations in the coming days. The new aircraft is nine years old and bears the registration mark YU-ASF.

“Our eighth ATR 72-600 has just landed at Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport. Its arrival represents a step forward in our continuous efforts to improve our regional fleet and network of destinations. With the introduction of this aircraft into service, we will contribute to even better connectivity between the countries in the Western Balkans region, providing passengers with more opportunities for fast and comfortable travel,” said Milan Malović, Chief Operations Officer at Air Serbia.

Air Serbia

The first Air Serbia ATR 72-600 aircraft, registered as YU-ALY, landed at Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport on 27 January 2022, the second, YU-ALW, arrived on 14 May 2022, followed by the third, YU-ALX, on 14 July 2022. The fourth ATR 72-600, YU-ALZ, joined the Air Serbia fleet on 1 December 2022, while the fifth, YU-ASA, and sixth, YU-ASB, aircraft of the same type entered the fleet on 12 January and 23 June 2023, respectively. The seventh ATR, YU-ASD, joined the Air Serbia regional fleet on 8 September 2023.

All eight ATR aircraft that have joined the Air Serbia fleet so far have a configuration of 70 to 72 “Geven Prestige” and “Acro” seats, providing passengers with greater comfort and convenience. The planes are equipped with two PW127M turboprop engines, they are 27.17 meters long, and have a wingspan of 27.05 meters. The maximum cruising speed they can reach is about 500 km/h, while the maximum range at full capacity is approximately 1,500 km.

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