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Excellent camping gear alternatives that will reduce your backpack weight

It’s time to replace some essential camp items with their lightweight alternatives – and that’s what we cover in the article below.

When you’re packing for camping, there’s always an issue of weight. A backpack that’s too heavy may spoil the whole trip for you. You may have already followed some lightweight packing tips or got rid of unnecessary gear, and yet, the backpack is still too heavy. That’s when you know it’s time to replace some essential camp items with their lightweight alternatives – and that’s what we cover in the article below.

Just remember: a heavy backpack doesn’t mean that you can get rid of whatever you want. Safety first: figure out your route and decide what essentials you need to be safe and comfortable. And if you’re not sure what to take – look for a camping essentials checklist.

Hydration bladder
If you’re tired of taking a plastic water bottle everywhere, not knowing where to put it when it’s empty, there’s a simple solution – get a hydration bladder. It’s lighter and easier to drink from, and it even allows you to drink when moving – you don’t have to stop and take out your bottle. 

And because hydration bladders are getting popular now, many backpacks will have a special pocket for it. You can choose from dozens of sizes and shapes, and be the most stylish even in the middle of the forest. 

GPS smartphone app
Even though having a map and a compass is critical, having GPS is important as well – without it, you can easily get lost and find yourself in a dangerous situation. However, it doesn’t mean that you need to buy a special GPS device. 

You take your smartphone everywhere with you – and downloading a GPS app to it will save you from additional weight in your backpack. Such apps are also cheaper and easier to use than GPS trackers. And don’t worry: the app will work even if there’s no service – it relies on satellites, not cell towers. Just don’t forget to bring your phone charger, ideally with a power bank.

Canister stove
White gas stoves may be extremely efficient and fast to cook on, they’re not the best when you have to carry everything in the backpack. If you’re going on a car trip, you can take one, but otherwise, think about purchasing a canister stove.

A canister stove weighs twice less than a white gas one and is simple to use. Just screw the stove on top of the canister, turn the valve, light the burner, and prepare your meal of the day. A calm evening without loud noises and lifting heavy canisters just became part of your camping experience. 

3-in-1 jacket
Times of packing three different sweaters are over. If you really want to be prepared for weather change when camping, get yourself a 3-in-1 jacket. It is basically two separate jackets that can be easily combined: an inner jacket and an outer shell one. You can wear both of them, or just one. 

And if you want to be prepared for anything – you can easily find a 3-in-1 jacket with even five layers! There are plenty of designs, materials, and additional features – choose the one that suits you best.

Even the lightest freestanding tents are pretty heavy. However, there is an alternative that will protect you from weather, bugs, and wind as well as a classic tent – tarp-tent. It’s pretty lightweight, and it even provides more space and ventilation – you can easily fit two people, their hiking gear, and a dog in a two-person tarp-tent.

Perhaps it’s not the coziest version, and you won’t feel at home, but it’s definitely the best solution for a heavy backpack.  

Camera zoom lens
You don’t need an expensive camera – there’s a much cheaper and lighter solution. We’ve already established that you take your smartphone when going camping – so to make better photos, you only need a better lens! You can choose from plenty of different types of lenses, including macros and wide-angles.

A zoom lens can also serve you as binoculars – just make sure you’re buying a good quality one. 

Camping kitchen utensil set
The proper nutrition is very important while camping, and to have good meals, you need a nice utensil set. However, taking all the possible supplies will surely impact your backpack weight. The best solution will be to get a light camping kitchen set that consists of multi-purpose utensils. 

Depending on your needs, you can find compact and portable sets that weigh up to 3lbs, so they will easily fit it in the bag. Choose high-quality durable ones, and with a portable carrying bag – this way, you won’t lose the utensils easily. 

Comfortable camping can be real
Camping can be exhausting, especially if you’re carrying all your belongings in the backpack. What’s more, you risk straining your back, which can lead to some long-term consequences. But it doesn’t have to be this way – change some items for the alternative lighter ones and feel comfortable even when climbing the highest mountains. You will soon find that there’s no need to carry all the heavy tools around – their lighter counterparts can be equally comfortable to use. Just make sure you’ve packed all the essentials, and please, remember – safety first!