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Six expert tips for your next vacation trip with friends

We’ve got six expert tips on how to make sure this is one of the best trips ever. This is a great article to read before booking your next vacation so let’s get started.

We all know that taking a vacation is one of life's most essential experiences in your health. But have you ever found yourself wondering what to do with your friends on vacation? 

Planning for such can be an absolute nightmare. There are several things that you can do to make your trip as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. 

We've got six expert tips on how to make sure this is one of the best trips ever. This is a great article to read before booking your next vacation so let's get started, shall we?

1. Get yourself a buddy that feels like family
Not all buddies are created equal, and not all friends are either, for that matter. So when it comes to deciding who you should travel with while on vacation by yourself, it's best to find someone like family.

While they may not be blood relatives, these people feel like family because you've formed a special bond over time. It's typically associated with childhood friends or long-time companions whom you've known for years, but at times can also include colleagues or close acquaintances that have stood by you through thick and thin.

As previously mentioned, though, this person needs to possess certain traits to be considered, such as:

  • They're the most positive person you know
  • They're always there for you no matter what happens
  • You can genuinely confide in them and open up about your life

When you find a friend who fits this description, it'll feel like they're a part of your family even if you've never shared blood. Grab their shoes, and let them carry your backpack.

While it's easy to have solo adventures when traveling by yourself, one of the best feelings is having someone carry some of your things while on the road. 

It doesn't matter whether it's their small backpack or even their shoes that they opt to take off before entering a hotel or attraction – just being able to have them haul some of their weight around is quite refreshing.

So when you meet up with someone who fits the description of the family, make sure to give them the option to take some of your things here and there. 

You can even offer to carry their items if they don't want to part ways with anything, but at least allow them the opportunity to step in and help out. Find ways to break the ice.

2. The best-laid plans
We all can tell how crucial it is to make an excellent first impression when going on vacation with friends, and what better way than going in style? 

With that in mind, if you happen to be rocking out a Camry while your buddies show up in a Ferrari, it's going to be an instant buzzkill. 

No matter how much you try to play it cool, there will always be that one friend who shows up with three times the luggage required for a two-day trip or insists on taking selfies with all the hotties at the beach. We've all been there before – trust us, your friends have too.

Even if your best intentions are just getting tripped up by silly misunderstandings, vacationing with friends is supposed to be fun. 

It doesn't matter whether you're headed to Disney World or Ibiza; remember that this is about spending time together and building memories.

FOMO is no joke, so make sure your group knows what they're signing up for when they book that Spring Break getaway.

3. No Tinder, no problem
Many people are still under the impression that vacationing with friends means essentially "finding your wingman." But who says you need to use an app like Tinder or Grindr to find someone special on spring break?

Sometimes striking up a conversation is all it takes – and if not, there's always room service. One thing's for sure, though- don't put too much pressure on yourself by setting unrealistic goals about finding someone special during your trip. After all, vacations are supposed to be more than just looking for love.

4. Plan accordingly
What great way to get people excited about your trip than showing off some sweet photos from your last vacation with friends on social media? After all, what are vacations for, if not shameless, self-promotion? 

You don't want to be that guy who shows up camped out in your hotel room while your friends have fun on the beach.

Deciding where you're staying is a very critical part; some prefer fancy hotels while others prefer a more laid-back atmosphere. Then there's also transportation, food, and activities – so much stuff. Keep in mind that some of these choices will impact the people you go with.

For example, everyone needs to pitch in for gas if someone goes crazy reserving six spots at once. Not only that, but remember that you'll want to find somewhere that's well equipped for any special dietary needs as well as safe – especially if you're going to be spending a few days partying in the club.

5. Don't forget your sunscreen
One of the essential tips we can give anyone planning a trip with friends is to make sure you stay safe and healthy. Whether toat home or abroad, too much sun exposure can lead to severe problems like dehydration and heatstroke.

While this might seem like common sense, you'd be surprised how many people end up sick after spring break every year due to a lack of proper precautions. One way around this problem is by packing plenty of high SPF sunscreen, along with some aloe vera gel, just in case.

6. Choose a good transport system
Renting a van is a great way to make your road trip an adventure. When you drive in such a car it gives you this feeling of freedom.  You travel in your own comfort zone (the van) and you can do what you want. 

Now that you've read our blog, we hope you have a better understanding of how to make your next vacation with friends as fun and memorable as possible. With this knowledge in hand, all the hard work is done. All that's left for you to do is find an itinerary perfect for everyone involved.

Remember, there are no terrible trips if they're shared with good people – so go ahead and start planning today.

Photo by Ashford Marx from Pexels

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