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Air traffic remains significant but faces challenges


The big names of European aviation come together in Vienna – Aviation-Event reports success and founds the Aviation Business Club.

VIENNA – More than 200 experts, entrepreneurs and decision-makers from the European aerospace industry met in Vienna for Aviation-Event. The event was hosted by Vienna Airport. Topics included new and growing markets in Central and Eastern Europe, airport infrastructure and management, as well as opportunities and challenges in the global aviation market against the backdrop of changing world markets. Keynotes by top-class speakers addressed the future of low-cost carriers, sustainability, and the role of the aviation industry in global growth.

The opening speech was given by the State Secretary for Youth and Civilian Service, Claudia Plakolm.

Aviation-Event successful in Vienna

“Aviation-Event 2023 VIE conference provided an invaluable platform for aviation professionals to come together, exchange ideas, and shape the future of aviation. This reaffirms our commitment to promoting excellence in the aviation industry, With the continued support and engagement of the aviation community, we look forward to even greater accomplishments in the years to come.”, says Marcel Riwalsky, CEO of Aviation-Event and organizer of the conference in Vienna.

Host Julian Jäger, CEO and COO of Vienna Airport, also sees the event as a great success: “Vienna Airport is very happy to have hosted Aviation-Event 2023, which was a full success. Together with many experts and our international participants, we were able to highlight the most important developments in European and global aviation. The COVID-recovery still is a big task for the whole industry, but I’m proud that Vienna Airport has shown itself so resilient in the last years. The challenges for our industry, however, are only increasing, which is also why this kind of exchange and cooperation with our partners is so important to us. I would like to thank all our guests very much for making this conference a day to remember.”

Flying remains culturally and economically important

Air transport will continue to play a prominent role in the increasingly interconnected economy. The participants agreed on this. Flying will continue to be essential for the common European idea, encounters and experiences of young people, international understanding, and cultural exchange. This was pointed out by several speakers. The major economic and social challenges facing the industry will not change this, according to the general tenor. But aviation and the aviation industry will change. Growth and sustainability must be reconciled.

Foundation of the Aviation Business Club

With a new format, Aviation-Event will now set a further accent in addition to the conferences next year. “An Aviation Business Club will be created,” announces Marcel Riwalsky. In this international club, companies, and representatives of the industry as well as media representatives, politicians and stakeholders are to exchange ideas even more intensively and regularly.

Aviation-Event is already the leading international platform for media and meetings related to aviation. Aviation-Event’s regular events take place all over the world and provide important impetus for politics, industry, and the interested public. Further aviation events are planned for next March in Cluj and in autumn in Sofia. Representatives of both countries were also participants in the conference in Vienna.

Aviation-Event 2024 CLJ

“After having organized two totally different, yet successful editions of Aviation-Event Cluj conference, in 2022 and 2023, the responsibility of remaining an aviation hotspot in the  European landscape lies ahead for Cluj International Airport, within the context of setting up the stage, for the third edition of March 15th, 2024. Civil aviation leaders and renowned speakers from around the world are expected to join us in Cluj-Napoca, for a series of debates, keynotes, interviews, or just valuable networking sessions, that will bring the entire aviation ecosystem all together, for a one-day conference to remember. Thus, I am inviting every aviation professional or enthusiast, to be part of this third edition of Aviation-Event Cluj and contribute in its own way to the overall success of this industry, which has proven to be in recent years, ever more resilient and resourceful by the day” said David Ciceo, CEO, Cluj International Airport.

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