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Adventure travel company see rise in enquiries for intrepid travel destinations amidst pandemic


Destinations which are proving most popular include Sudan, Haiti, Iraq and Uzbekistan.

Specialist adventure travel operators Undiscovered Destinations have seen a rise in enquiries for some of their most off-the-beaten-path destinations in light of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

The intrepid travel experts have seen interest in some of their most extreme destinations more than double over the last month, with a particularly sharp increase in enquiries following the news of a vaccination rollout.

Destinations which are proving most popular include Sudan, Haiti, Iraq and Uzbekistan.

Aled Evans of Undiscovered Destinations says, "Clients wanting to travel to these destinations will be experienced travellers and we are finding that they are happy to weigh up the risk of Covid-19 against the impact of staying at home. Many of the countries we operate in have a much lower infection rate than here in the UK and have also put in place testing on arrival and strict social distancing measures. 

The roll-out of a vaccine in the New Year is also bringing in more enquiries from less adventurous travellers now too, and we expect a real surge in bookings when the vaccination program is underway."

Remote travel experiences offered by the company include a tour of the ancient historical sites of northern Sudan, such as the pyramids around Jebel Barkal and Meroe’s Royal Necropolis. This small-group holiday experience focuses on the remote wonders of the Kingdom of the Black Pharaohs, travelling through the empty desert and down the Nile River to visit a variety of archaeological sites and ancient monuments.

A longer tour of Sudan that is also popular is Undiscovered Destination’s Nile Valley And Western Desert Tour, which again focuses on remote locations that are still relatively undisturbed by tourism, offering incredible visits to pyramids, deserts, fortress ruins and Nubian villages.

In Iraq, travellers can join a truly unique tour of the relatively undiscovered region of Kurdistan that offers incredible insight into a location brimming with ancient history. Exploring an entirely different side of the Middle Eastern country, this tour includes visits to markets, places of worship, memorial buildings and other historical sites as well as providing a unique insight into the effects of the recent horrific political regime that the region is still recovering from.

There are more historical and archaeological sites in Iraq than any other nation in the world, and the south of the country can also be explored with The Land Between The Rivers tour, giving adventurous travellers the chance to see monuments, cities and religious sites that have previously been too dangerous to visit.

Another intrepid location that has seen an increase in interest is the state of Haiti, which is one of the least visited countries in the Caribbean. With Undiscovered Destinations, travellers can explore this forgotten holiday destination with a tour that includes unique architecture, historic towns and cities, beautiful island scenery and an insight into a part of the world that is still untouched by tourism.

A better known holiday destination that still offers an experience off-the-beaten-track is Uzbekistan, home to the beautiful cities of the ‘Silk Road’. Tracing the footsteps of an ancient route, the Uzbekistan Embraced tour combines historical sightseeing with trips to modern markets, bazaars and observatories, as well as providing travellers with an ecotourism experience in a yurt at Lake Aydarkul.

Undiscovered Destinations provide bespoke holiday experiences as well as organised small group tours, providing unique and unforgettable experiences in remote or unusual locations that have a lot to offer travellers who make the effort to explore them.

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