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Everest helicopter tour- A life turning moment


Book your Everest helicopter tour now.

Now sit back and take about 5 minutes to read this article to the end. And in the last, we will make sure that you will be thinking about something that you have never considered before i.e Everest helicopter tour.

If you are a travel enthusiast and love to be in proximity to nature, especially mountains, you must have heard about Nepal. This land of the Himalayas homes 8 out of the world's 10 highest mountain peaks. The mountains have made Nepal the traveler's hub for adventures such as trekking, skydiving, paragliding, mountain flights, and helicopter tour. 

Imagine flying right into Everest, landing in between the mountains, and enjoying a sip of coffee. Without a single drop of sweat, you get to enjoy all of the best views. A good deal isn't it?

Book your Everest helicopter tour now.

Why Everest base camp helicopter tour
The peak of Everest is the world's highest point i.e there's nothing above the Everest peak. Obviously, it's one of the most important landmarks in the world that every man should visit at least once. However, getting to Everest isn't easy. Most travelers trek for 10 to 15 days after months of planning and preparation. This is because many of them are uninformed about Everest base camp helicopter tours.

The bird's eye view of Everest from an altitude that is higher than the camp I is also a big plus. With three landings of almost 2 hours, the views you can see are as good as that of trekking. And unlike a mountain flight to Everest, you can actually capture all the beautiful photos and videos of yourself before the mountain. 

Need no plan and preparation as the Everest helicopter tour can be booked in less than 24 hours before you fly to Nepal. With no limit on age, health, and nationality this helicopter tour to Everest can be done by anyone who cannot trek for such a long hour. 

A great opportunity to celebrate special days like birthdays, anniversaries, proposals, or festivals with your loved ones in the most exciting landscape of the entire world. It can either be an exciting family tour or an intimate romantic holiday. 

How Everest helicopter to operates
For a helicopter tour to Everest, you must first drive or fly to Kathmandu, Nepal's capital. Once you live in the international airport of Kathmandu representative from Himalayan Masters will pick you up.

The next morning, a flight takes off at around 7 a.m. from the domestic terminal of Kathmandu airport. The helicopter then flies to Lukla for fuel refilling. You can see the views of mountains and capture beautiful photographs during these 20 minutes of landing in Lukla. Then, the helicopter flies toward the Everest base camp, offering a wonderful experience. Now, you can choose to land at Everest base camp or Kalapatthar (5300 meters). Most trekkers claim that the Views From Kalapatthar (5644 meters) are clear and distinct from that seen at the Everest base camp. 

After half an hour of photography here, we fly to Everest view Hotel. Everest view hotel is the highest altitude located hotel that lies right above Namche Bazaar. Enjoying a wonderful sip of coffee before the mountains, we get the Panorama views of the entire Khumbu region including Namche. Here, we will stop for about one hour before the helicopter takes us back to Kathmandu then we shall drop you at the hotel and you can get back to your home country.

These only few hours of the journey are going to be life-changing moments. The views of Everest, Makalu, Cho Oyo, and other pics you can see from the flight are unbelievable.

Everest Helicopter tour cost
A helicopter tour definitely sounds thrilling, but what concerns most people is its cost. Naturally, we assume that flying to Everest cost a lot and when it means flying to the mountains, it's obvious that you think that the Everest helicopter tour price is very high. However, in reality, a helicopter to Everest cost less than trekking. 

Now, how is that possible?

Since trekking is about 15 days of journey and a helicopter tour is only 3 to 4 hours from Kathmandu, the cost comes out to be low. Everest base camp helicopter tours by Himalayan Masters cost only $400 per person on a sharing basis. On other hand, trekking to Everest base camp cost $1500. So, as you can see helicopter to Everest is one-third cheaper than trekking. 

If you have a group of 3 to 5 people, you can even charter a helicopter on your own. Chartering a helicopter gives you safety, privacy, and a chance to land in any place you want. However, the cost is a bit high i.e. about dollar 3000 to 4000 depending upon the season. 

Is the Everest base camp helicopter tour safe
Himalayan Masters keeps the safety of its travelers in the utmost position. Our high-power helicopters used for the Everest Heli tour can fly up to 7000 meters. Helicopters are flown by experienced pilots who have been engaged in Mountain flight for decades and the helicopters go via a thorough inspection after each flight. Whether you are a solo Traveller or coming to Nepal with family and friends you are going to be in a safe hand. 

Final words
So, stop overthinking. If this article has brought even the slightest interest in your heart, you can book your flight to Everest today. No matter when you plan to travel to Nepal, always Himalayan Masters is always open for booking. Rest assured, it's gonna be a wonderful journey.

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