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Four factors to consider before investing in a vacation home


There are many things you can do with having a vacation home. Chiefly, you can have it rented out to tourists for added earnings. When you and your family do go on vacation to the place where your property is located, you’ll have a place to stay in.

It’s said that investing in real estate property is one of the best decisions you can make to grow your money. When you’ve chosen a good property, it can be a reliable source of passive income, bringing in added savings to your accounts. Among the many kinds of real estate properties you can invest in, one of the best is believed to be putting in your money on a vacation home.

There are many things you can do with having a vacation home. Chiefly, you can have it rented out to tourists for added earnings. When you and your family do go on vacation to the place where your property is located, you’ll have a place to stay in. These make it an attractive investment type particularly if you’re also the type of person who enjoys going on holidays and trips.

With that said, here are four factors to consider before adding a vacation home property to your current holdings:

1. Budget and other related costs
As is the case with any other investment you’re going to ever make, the budget is a very important starting point to consider. Even if you’re going to take out a loan to be able to afford your chosen vacation home to invest in, you should have a budget ceiling set in place. This refers to the maximum amount you’re willing to spend for, whether as a whole and what you can comfortably afford to pay in a set period of time.

If you take the time to thoroughly go through your options from many reputable sellers, one of the many being Corcoran Hawaii Real Estate and other companies located in the area you’re eyeing, you’re sure to find a vacation home that’ll fit your budget. So don’t be swayed into believing that the very first vacation home properly you’ll find is what you should immediately purchase.

Remember that the budget here also doesn’t just refer to the sticker price of the home per se. There are other expenses that are inherent to owning a vacation home like:

  • Interest, if you took out a loan to pay for the home;
  • Association dues, if the property is in an apartment complex, subdivision, or condominium;
  • Maintenance, as eventually, the home will also need to be properly maintained for it to stay in pristine condition and attract visitors; and
  • Utilities, or the bills you have to pay for the upkeep of the vacation home property.

2. Property location
Lure in potential visitors by scouting for the best location out there for your next vacation home property investment. It’s believed that no matter how stunning a particular vacation home may look; if the location is less welcoming, you may not get to enjoy it. Worse, you may not be able to attract future tenants as well. You need to identify a place where most tourists would want to be. 

So, always choose a strategic location. Wherever you intend to purchase a vacation real estate property, delve deeper into the specifics of the location. Is it convenient enough with easy access to public transportation? Is there a beachfront or at least one located nearby? How’s the view from the house’s ski chalet? Are there any attractions surrounding that vacation home? 

Ask yourself the aforementioned questions to keep you on track to finding the perfect property for you. 

3. Property management
Vacation homes located out-of-state or overseas may be tricky to maintain and manage. Monitoring can become worrisome most especially if you’re allowing complete strangers access to your property in exchange for money. However, an experienced property manager can help you ditch the worries that come with long-distance real estate upkeep. 

Because you aren’t physically there to maintain and check on the property’s state regularly, it’s very important to consider property management services. Having a property management company on your side ensures that even in your absence, there’s someone you can trust that’ll ensure your vacation home is in good condition. A property manager can also take charge of preparing the home before a guest arrives and other miscellaneous tasks.

4. Visitor accessibility
How do you get to your vacation home? Is it easily accessible by public transportation? A rented car? A public taxi? If it’s located on an island, are there daily boat trips? Is it a tourist location serviced by many airlines? These are only a few of the facets of accessibility you have to address when deciding on whether or not a particular property is deemed accessible enough.

If getting to your vacation home is a challenge and poses an inconvenience to tourists, this may be a turn-off for travelers who would’ve otherwise wanted to rent your vacation home. Most holiday-goers are said to want to enjoy convenience when they travel. 

Introducing updates and adding in helpful fixtures can help promote site accessibility. Upholding accessibility would eventually make your vacation home more attractive to a wider range of tourists such as those with children and senior family members, who are looking for a fuss-free experience more than anything else.

To sum it all up, there are many factors that come into play if you decide to invest in a vacation home. It’s believed that this isn’t a decision for you to rush through immediately. 

Like any other form of investment, you have to be certain you’ve given all of your options much thought and research first, starting with ticking off the list of important considerations mentioned above. When kicking off your search, make sure to have a real estate specialist by your side to help and advocate for your best interests in starting your vacation real estate property investment journey. 

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