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"Heritage of Tatarstan" brand was presented in Russia

Brand "Heritage of Tatarstan" will open a 1000-year history of the one of the biggest regions of Russia to the world.

The first territorial brand based on a historical-cultural heritage was presented in Russia. This was the brand “Heritage of Tatarstan”, opening a “cultural code” of the territory to the international community. Tatarstan is one of the biggest regions of Russia, an economic donor that has a unique cultural heritage with more than 1000-year history protected by UNESCO. At the expense of the new brand Tatarstan means to increase a touristic flow and attract additional investments. Development of the brand was made by the Center of Strategic Communications “Apostol”.

Even today, according to the culture investments volume (about 200 million US dollars annually), Tatarstan, alongside with Moscow, Sochi and Saint-Petersburg, takes a leading position in the country. One of the key objectives of the new brand is to open a historical-cultural potential, which the ancient Land of Tatarstan with more than 1000-year history contains, and make international community to pay attention to it.

Successful examples of such cities as Singapore, New-York, Berlin, Hong Kong and Amsterdam, which successfully capitalize their brand on the basis of the socialcultural foundation, and are the world cultural meccas, are considered as the benchmarks. Additionally, “Heritage of Tatarstan” brand is one of the most important and cohesive projects in the last years in the sphere of Russian culture. Tatarstan is one of the most multiethnic republics of Russian Federation. More than 170 nationalities and ethnoses live in the territory of Tatarstan. The new brand is aimed at making a contribution to the problem settlement which is actual for many European and Asian countries – the formation of the inhabitants’ civil identity. This brand gives people an opportunity to associate themselves with Tatarstan. It helps to answer the question that millions of people ask each day, “Who am I as a citizen, what is my culture expressed in?”

“In the modern world for having an active social and economic growth it is necessary to possess a strong brand which would attract attention of investors and tourists. In this regard, when forming a brand, it is important to translate the existing unique cultural norms which are historically native for the population, which are congenial and understandable for the citizens, into symbolic language,” the President of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov emphasized. “The new brand “Heritage of Tatarstan” is intended to play this role.”

Alongside with Saint-Petersburg, historically, Tatarstan is a “powerful place” of Russian Federation in a cultural sense. There are 1399 objects of historical and cultural heritage in Tatarstan which are protected by the government, where two of them are protected by UNESCO. In 2014 Kazan was declared as a Capital of Culture of the Turkic world by the International Organization of Turkic Culture (Turksoy). Platform of the brand “Heritage of Tatarstan” represents a single ideology. Ten qualities which form the archetype of Tatarstan are integral part of this ideology. Speed, endurance, dignity, inquisitiveness, flair, tradition, craftsmanship, unity, persistence and aspiration are applied to it.

Each of these qualities found reflection in a visual style of the new brand – the time arrow, symbolizing a cultural and historical wealth of the region and its constant development, forward movement. The logo is “Warrior on the horse”.

The brand promotion concepts will include an active use of the internet and social networking services. This was reported by Tina Kandelaki, General Director of “Apostol” Center of Strategic Communications, which realized a rebranding of “Kalashnikov” Concern, “Our current major task is to visualize and digitize traditions and culture of the hundreds years without any losses of sense, make them accessible for all, establish the dialogue between generations and tell about it to the world.” For the last years Tatarstan became the most important touristic destination. For the last 5 years touristic flow into the Republic of Tatarstan was doubled. During 2014 the Republic of Tatarstan will be visited by more than 2 million of tourists. According to the rating of the popular internet community TripAdvisor Kazan took the third place in Europe and the eighth place in the world among the developing touristic destinations.

Even today Tatarstan carries out world-wide activities which attract attention of the investment community to the region. Thus, after successful hosting of the Student Games in 2013, the Republic is preparing for conducting the World Watersports Championship in 2015, as well as some games of the World Cup in 2018 on a highest level.

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