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How to increase the number of views of your YouTube video

Here are a few easy ways you can get more views on YouTube. We’ll be sure to touch on the finer points that can help you attract an audience of millions.

Are you the owner of your YouTube channel and want to know how to make it more popular? Would you like your videos to be at the top of the views? Congratulations, you've come across the right article!

Here are a few easy ways you can get more views on YouTube. We'll be sure to touch on the finer points that can help you attract an audience of millions.

How video views affect your YouTube channel
The search algorithms of this social network are built in such a way that the number of views of video content is the most important factor that affects the success of the channel.

For every video, it matters whether or not visitors watch it to the end. Before displaying video content on a particular place in its rating, YouTube algorithms analyze such parameters:

– How many viewers watched the video; – How long the content was viewed (whether the audience was retained for long).

If all is well with these two parameters, then your content will certainly appear in the top positions of the top. For this reason, you should always keep in mind how to get more views on your hosting site. What to do for this?

First of all, you should regularly post quality and relevant videos. However, even in this case, one day the development of the channel will stop, because the resource of the popularity set of your videos will be exhausted.

To promote them to the top of rating and for serious pumping of your channel you'll need to use at least some effective promotion tools. Let's talk about them now.

Creation of high quality video content
Video content is the foundation of everything. Make every effort so that your videos are superior to your competitors.

This is crucial. Of course, there are many cunning and dishonest methods to promote your videos in the social network, but never forget about the most important and correct – the quality of your videos.

You need to make users love your content, it has to be valuable for them. If you do not care whether it is valuable for people or useless, you will be an inevitable failure in the field of content marketing. Remember this cardinal rule.

Hosting YouTube (like its owner, Google Corporation) has built its business by offering an extremely effective search algorithm. And what are search engines for? To show users the most relevant and highest quality content. For this reason, Google recommends that site owners strive to provide value to people. The same rule applies to YouTube channels. Find out what your target audience cares about and show them what they'll be interested in.

Using playlists and arranging videos
About this simple way everyone knows, but not everyone uses it. And for good reason. First you need to create themed playlists. The clips in them will be associated with a single story direction.

We recommend posting videos like this: first come the standard, then the best and most popular. The user is likely to view the content in this sequence. Consequently, his interest should not fall, but only increase.

If you use this tool, you can get the following benefits: – a good number of views will not only have the most relevant and high-quality videos, but also all the others; – users will become familiar with the entire playlist and view every video in it. This will keep the audience on the channel longer, and as a result, it will definitely go up in distribution. When using this method, keep in mind that: – In videos that are direct extensions of previous videos, you do not need the standard intros and splash pages. Do at once elaboration of new content; – links to earlier and later videos linked by the same story content are required in the end of the video.

Increase views using previews and headlines
How is a YouTube video able to interest a casual visitor? Naturally, he will be intrigued by the title and the eye-catching preview.

When applying this tool, rely on the following recommendations:

1. Choose the main picture carefully. It should, firstly, make people look at the video, and secondly, to give a preliminary understanding of the central theme of the work. The picture should be correctly coordinated with the content, otherwise the deception will quickly unfold, and the user will bypass your channel.

2. Find out whether the title and preview will look ok on different devices: desktop, tablet and smartphone. It is not uncommon for the headline to look too long and the preview to be illegible on a smartphone display. On the desktop, however, everything will look perfect. Try to strike a happy medium here.

3. Evaluate the results and plan your next steps accordingly. You can analyze the productivity of this tool with YouTube Analytics, for example.

Interaction with peers
Don't clash with other youtubers just because your content is watched by the same target audience. On the contrary, think about how you can establish a mutually beneficial collaboration. Recall that content marketing on YouTube is based on creating value for consumers and expanding the reach of your target audience. And it's unlikely to achieve all of this because of competing channels.

But how can you grow views by partnering with some blogger who works on the same topic? For example, you could set up collaborative content creation. Let's say you appear as a guest in some video of another youtuber. In this way, people who are not yet familiar with your work learn about you.

At the same time, the competing channel will get additional users when you make an advertisement for your collaboration. Everyone wins, including social media users, because they get interesting content. It's better to collaborate, not feud!

The importance of endings in videos
When your video ends, you should definitely leave links to your previous content. Tell your viewers what interesting things they can see there.

When you have already said goodbye to the users, extend the audio track for ten to twenty seconds, and insert the final splash screen. It should contain links to your videos on the same topic. If you have other youtube channels, link to them too.

If you don't do that, your users might just close your video and leave your channel. The presence of links to other material and the final splash screen will serve as a bait, encouraging the user to further view your creativity. Consequently, you keep your audience with you and promote yourself in parallel.

Writing headlines with keyword queries in mind
Keep in mind the thematic long-tail queries. They should have a single foundation with different offshoots. This foundation should be taken into account when generating unique headline extensions.

Want to create a video for a specific topic? Type the approximate title text into the search box and evaluate the queries. After that, based on the information obtained, come up with a catchy, but truthful title. And if you analyze your competitors' channels, there will be even more information to think about. After that, you can collect a bank of ideas for future videos.

Consistency in the use of all methods of promotion
Working on the promotion of your channel and specific videos on video hosting, remember that you can't predict in advance which of the methods recommended here will "shoot". All of them are time-tested and work well, each of them contributes to the promotion of your content. However, we advise you to use several or even all of the tools. And then each new video will bring you additional traffic and fresh subscribers.

Also you can use services for increase views of your video. You can buy YouTube views on such services as

So, now you know the simple methods to promote the channel on "YouTube". If you follow the instructions and competently implement them, you can dramatically raise your videos in search results.