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How to travel the UK in a budget

There is much more to the UK, but the question is how to plan a trip under your budget range. You need to plan first before going to the UK because transport and accommodation are crazy expensive there.

Every tourist plans to go to the UK once in their lifetime because it is a popular spot but not for everyone due to expensive rates. The UK is made of four states, England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. It is the birthplace of globally famous The Beatles and Shakespear, and the capital of London is a globally influential city in terms of culture and finance. Moreover, it is renowned for Neolithic Stonehenge, centuries-old Universities such as Oxford and Cambridge, Red buses, Royal family, tea, and Bath’s Roman Spa.

There is much more to the UK, but the question is how to plan a trip under your budget range. You need to plan first before going to the UK because transport and accommodation are crazy expensive there. Visit travel websites and go through plenty of transportation options, accommodation, food, and sightseeing, etc. It would be best if you came pre-planned because it is a popular tourist hub, and you may not get the desired booking when its holiday season.

Here we will show you how you can travel to the UK in your budget limit while still enjoying the great Britain glory to the fullest. Before going, you should plan the transportation means and routes, accommodation options, food places, and every worthy sightseeing place according to your taste.

First, you need to arrange an itinerary and travel budget. Before going on an adventure across the UK, you need to find the cheapest flight. The key is to book early, which saves you money and keeps updated with affordable packages that most airlines offer for a short period. International flights are the priciest, and therefore, it is important to get the best deal within your budget.

The first time going to a new place can be overwhelming, but you can pre-book Heathrow airport pickup service. Heathrow airport is the busiest and biggest airport in London and is the best place to land when coming to the UK for the first time.

Want to roam within a city? Either walk to places or cycle your way to small areas or take a famous red bus. Even going out of the city, buses are the best option because tickets are cheap, and if you get a bus card, you get 30% off on rides. Trains are time-saving but super expensive. You should only take these if you need to travel urgently in a short time and get off-peak tickets to save some money.

Cheap accommodation in the UK is not easy to find, especially in urban cities such as London. Due to the exceeding number of people living in such cities, living expenses are skyrocketing, making it harder for people to get a decent deal in a budget. The most convenient option is the hostel, which charges around 13-52 dollars per night and includes every necessary amenities you wish, including a stocked kitchen. Private rooms have a bit higher cost of $64-$77 per night. The next option you can go for is Airbnb, which scones at a middle ground with 46-65 USD for a shared room and 99 dollars for an apartment. If you wish to stay outdoors among nature, campsites are the cheapest as the price starts from $9. Lastly, guest houses are also a nice option with the same facilities as a hotel but a bit cheaper.

In the UK for a day, you should expect to spend a minimum of £25-£30 on meals. Fish and chips, kebab, Asian Indian foods are the cheapest for going to lunch on a budget. Large pub chains are also inexpensive; you can get a decent and alcoholic drink for £10. You should treat yourself to good food once in a while at a restaurant, but not daily, as they are costly. As for the week’s groceries, which you can get at Lidl, Aldi, and Sainsbury’s, if you like to cook your meals yourself, it can cost you around £43.

There are never-ending places in the UK that are popular sightseeing spots. You want to visit as many as you want but on a budget? Do not worry as you will see plenty of options that come at an affordable range. If you are afraid of exploring new places, then opt for inexpensive Chauffeur in London service, which gives you the advantage of a comfortable car and an experienced driver who knows all the routes and locations. With a chauffeur, you will feel safe knowing you are in the right direction and get to explore places in less time.

Many art museums such as Natural History Museum, the British Museum, Tate Modern, National Gallery, the Victoria & Albert Museum, and other museums in London and elsewhere in England have free admission and save you extra money on tickets. Moreover, Buckingham Palace, Royal palaces, and historical places also have free access but from afar. In such a way, you get to go to many places on a minimum budget.