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Holidaymakers are spending up to 20% more on holidays in new trend dubbed ‘revenge travel’

New data from Club Med has revealed that budding travellers are spending more on holidays this year.

With international mostly off the cards for the past year, Club Med have noted an interesting new trend which sees budding holidaymakers spending more on their future travel plans.

What is revenge travel?
Revenge travel has been coined recently due to the increase of people who haven’t had the opportunity to travel internationally over the past year. Many of us have had to stay inside, and of those precious holidays we did book, many were cancelled due to the pandemic.

In the meantime, lots of people managed to save up money and started to plan a holiday for the future when they could leave the country once again.

With the new roadmap released to the public there’s now hope we can travel once again. This has led to people buying more expensive holiday packages with the money they’d saved over the lockdown period.

Budding travellers are spending on average 20% more on holidays this year
Club Med delved into the data to find out exactly how much more people are spending on their upcoming holidays.

Looking at the average order value of holidays booked in February 2021, compared to the same month last year there has been an average increase of 20%. This clearly shows that people are looking to spend more on their holidays than ever before.

Based on bookings to short-haul destinations, Club Med have seen three countries stand out the most. Bookings to their Turkey, Greece and Portugal resorts are currently the most popular. Portugal has recently been removed from the red list, with both Greece and Turkey rumoured to be some of the most sought after destinations this Summer.

Estelle Giraudeau, Managing Director UK & Northern Europe at Club Med, comments: "The last year has been difficult for both holidaymakers and travel companies alike. We’ve wanted to give people the holiday they deserve, but due to restrictions, this has largely not been possible.

"It’s great to see that holidaymakers are now using their saved up money to rightly treat themselves after a long time of inactivity. This has been reflected in the increase in average booking cost proving that our customers are looking for a holiday to make up for all those missed in 2020. The popularity of sun destinations close to the UK also shows the public yearning for a summer holiday once international travel is back on the cards."

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