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New Rokt report dispels myth that purchase is the end of travel’s e-commerce journey

Best practices reveal how to make smart choices and unlock more value from each transaction.

LONDON, UK – Global e-commerce martech company, Rokt, has released a new report, The Anatomy of the Upsell: Making the Most of Travel Transaction Moments,” offering travel brands the best practices they need to create and optimise the most effective e-commerce transaction experience for customers.

Rokt’s new report, created in collaboration with travel intelligence company Skift, featuring insights from HotelTonight, Taj Hotels, and Benchmark Hospitality, reveals how travel companies can best maximise the value of their confirmation page. Research reveals that 74% of consumers are at their happiest online when completing a purchase. This presents the perfect opportunity for travel brands to create a more valuable connection with their customers at the moment they are most receptive to further offers, recommending related products and services immediately following their primary transaction.

“Travel companies are constantly looking for ways to be smarter in their customer transaction journey with personalisation and upsell opportunities,” commented Ashley Robinson, VP Travel at Rokt. “Travel purchases naturally lead to further upsell actions that can create short-term value (upgrade, trip add on) and long-term value (app install, calendar integration) giving travel brands an even greater chance to maximise the value per transaction and drive the best outcome for the brand and the customer.”

Significant insights from the report include:

  • Maximising both long and short-term value opportunities, based on specific brands’ goals 
  • Moving away from a one-size-fits-all approach to create data-driven confirmation pages that are, personalised and relevant
  • Optimising to the user rather than at the product level to deliver the most effective messaging
  • Delivering consistent messaging throughout to keep the customer in the buying mindset, even after they’ve made an initial purchase

Robinson added, “This report details the best practice steps companies can take to optimise their transaction, which should be mandatory reading for any travel executives looking to boost customer value.”

Vicky Karantzavelou
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