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Four reasons to hold a party on a yacht & what to wear


Yacht parties are fun and luxurious. Hence, more people are starting to appreciate the yachting lifestyle as time goes by. With everything in order, you will have a great time at your special event or celebration.

When it’s summer, it is time to go out into the sun and have a good time. One way to enjoy being outdoors in the summer is to party on a yacht. These types of parties offer you an experience like no other. If you want to host your private yacht party, the best option for you is to rent one. These vessels are very costly so, your budget may not be enough for buying. 

Moreover, getting a yacht rental San Diego gives you flexibility. It means that you will not have all the responsibilities that come with actually owning one. At this kind of party, you will have an unforgettable experience while also enjoying scenic views of the beautiful ocean. Here is a deeper look at the benefits of renting a yacht for your party.

1. You get a stunning view
When you and your friends are on a luxury yacht enjoying your party by Champagne Yacht Events, you’ll be surrounded by beautiful blue waters and the sun. Unlike in an indoor location, a boat offers outdoor access. Hence, you have a 360-degree panoramic view of the coastline from the deck. You could even choose to lounge inside the yacht, thus getting the best of both worlds. Lastly, they offer the best ambiance and amenities, so you’ll be getting a top-notch experience.

2. Adequate space 
Yachts come in different sizes. Therefore, you can settle on a vessel that suits your guest list. For instance, if you have 500 guests on your list, you might want to go with a grand-sized boat that can comfortably hold them. Such vessels tend to have about four decks, providing enough space for everyone to enjoy themselves and even walk around. The best yacht rental San Diego will also have more than one dance area, multiple washrooms, and customs bar areas. 

3. Suitable for various occasions 
Yacht rentals are versatile, and this makes them suitable for hosting different types of parties and events. You can hold birthdays and graduation parties, weddings, product launches, or corporate events. Your event planner can create varying themes to suit your taste, such as light, contemporary, and even regal décor. Yachts also have modern amenities and offer convenience. Ultimately, you’ll be getting more than just a perfect aesthetic. It’s reasonable to hold your party in a hotel conference center, but a yacht undoubtedly will offer the best experience.

4. You can choose your location 
Once ou’ve come up with your guest list, it will be easy to choose a suitable yacht rental San Diego to act as your party venue. Whether your guest will be many or fewer, these yachts will always offer you opulence. The only difference will be the scale. For example, the number of indoor and outdoor lounges areas and decks will vary.

A reputable company should be able to customize a full-service bar to your needs. Because rentals are versatile and easily customizable, they are the perfect venue for your party. Moreover, you can request to go to a preferred location on the ocean, and your captain will at times recommend the best spots.

What to wear to a yacht party?
Partying and having a luxurious experience on a yacht is most people’s dream. When you’re around your friends, you want to be appropriately dressed to have your best time. Your overall look plays a vital role in how much freedom and comfort you have to move around and enjoy yourself. Here are some helpful suggestions in the different attire categories.

1. The dress code
When attending a yacht party, less is always more. Women should try sticking to flowy or maxi dresses, midi summer dresses, and chic wide-leg jumpsuits. You could also opt for some comfortable flowy pants. As for men, you want to go with linen or cotton shirts paired with some tailored chino shorts. Long-sleeved shirts are versatile as you can roll the arms up during the day and down when it gets dark. 

2. Footwear
Your footwear is a vital part of your overall look at a party. When you’re on a yacht, you want to avoid wearing heels and instead opt for comfortable shoes while onboard. That is recommended mainly for your safety. Depending on the event, sneakers or boat shoes will work fine for the gents. Ladies usually gravitate towards sandals, flat espadrilles, or classy flip-flops, depending on their outfits. Whichever footwear you choose, ensure that they are comfortable and light on your feet to avoid slipping and getting injured.

3. Accessories
As mentioned before, you want to keep everything comfortable and elegant. Therefore, when accessorizing, it’s best to go with at least one or two accessories, one being the statement. These accessories should also be functional. You can never go wrong with a wide-brimmed hat and some classic sunglasses. These will protect you from harsh UV rays and keep you looking suave at the same time. If you are a woman, you could also add some chic statement earrings to take your look to the next level.

4. Other clothing and extra equipment 
Sometimes, you may wish to throw your party during the winter. In such instances, you and your guests will need extra layers of clothes or sweaters to remain comfortable. When everyone is freezing from underdressing, it sets the precedence for an unpleasant experience. You might even catch a cold or, worse, a chest infection. In the summer, carry some lip balm and sunscreen and ask your guests to do the same. It will help protect your skin from sunburns and dryness.

Yacht parties are fun and luxurious. Hence, more people are starting to appreciate the yachting lifestyle as time goes by. With everything in order, you will have a great time at your special event or celebration. Work with your rental company and your event planner on the days leading to the event if you want success. Dressing well is vital. Ensure that you keep everything simple, leaving the fancy suits and ball gowns for onshore venues.

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