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Three tips for recruiting internationally


If you’re looking to recruit internationally, here are three tips for international recruitment.

Running your own businesses, particularly one with international reach and connections can be stressful ¬– even if it does give you the excuse for frequent travel.

However, by expanding your talent pool across the globe, connecting with a worldwide audience, and setting up regional hubs whenever possible, you’ll see your business soar to success.

While your company might be too small to enact such plans, it’s never too early to dream of the future.

If you’re looking to recruit internationally, either employees that will relocate or work from their home country, or simply dreaming of the day your business sets its sights on this goal, here are three tips for international recruitment.

1) Do your research
Researching the locations which you plan to hire from is essential. You should develop an understanding of cultural differences, salary expectations, and the overall job market of the region. When you can answer these questions, you’ll gain a better insight into what you prospective candidates are looking for from their employer.

Consider how you’re going to market the job; if you don’t speak the native language then consider what language you’re going to write the advert in. This might require the work of a freelance translator like those that can be found through services such as Upwork.

If your new candidate is going to be relocating to work with you, then it’s also important to look into the visa requirements so that you can help them through the process.

2) Implement recruitment software
Recruitment is a time consuming task, but it doesn’t need to take over your whole life. You can implement recruitment software and discover the best emerging talents at in order to get the most out of your recruitment journey with the least amount of effort.

Recruitment software, such as Oleeo, enables you to automate much of the hiring process, and removes biases from the application process.

It can even help you to conduct virtual interviews – although, travelling to interview your prospective candidates is a lovely personal touch that gives you the chance to make the most of the airport’s duty-free shopping!

3) Get creative in your advertising
When it comes to advertising for your job openings, get creative!

While many of us find our dream job through services like Indeed, or even social networking platforms such as LinkedIn, other less job oriented social media platforms are increasingly being used by candidates to scope out positions.

If your company has a social media presence – which in this increasingly digital age it really should if you want to see maximum marketing potential – then make sure that you advertise any job openings on all platforms.

Create clever adverts that sell your business to prospective candidates, show off your company culture, and advertise not only what you’re looking for but what you have to offer too!

Have you engaged in international recruitment? Share your tips in the comments below!

Photo by [email protected] on Unsplash

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