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Top tourist attractions to visit on your dream trip to the USA


We can't skip the USA when we talk about tourism. America is a highly diverse country. It houses various cuisines, tourist attractions, and top-notch hotels for your enjoyment. Therefore, that is what makes the US a splendid vacation spot.

Traveling can be an expensive hobby. However, according to a blog by Phocuswright, 36% of travelers rated travel as an essential spending priority. That means people enjoy a good vacation, no matter if it's for a week or a month. 

We can't skip the USA when we talk about tourism. America is a highly diverse country. It houses various cuisines, tourist attractions, and top-notch hotels for your enjoyment. Therefore, that is what makes the US a splendid vacation spot.

If you're new to the US, you need to know how to navigate through 50 states. Each state holds history and significance for making the US what it is today. Since you can't visit the entire country in one trip, we have listed top tourist attractions you should visit. These attraction sites will add charm and glamor to your vacation and entice you to come back. Here are some locations you should visit.

1.Mount Rushmore
South Dakota holds the most beautiful, unique American landmark, known as Mount Rushmore. This mountain has the faces of four former American presidents. The carving of these faces surrounded by rocks makes for an attractive landmark.

You can come in front of the faces of Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt. You should walk down the presidential trial and take pictures with these carvings. They can make for a great background picture for your phone or a personal postcard.

2.Smoky Mountains National Park
If you're down in Gatlinburg, you should stop by the Smoky Mountains National Park. You can enjoy an excellent hike or bike ride with a beautiful view. The best feature of this park is that it is available for all seasons. 

For your stay in Gatlinburg, you can find unique Gatlinburg Cabins with Indoor Pool. This city is also an excellent picturesque site. If you go back to the park, you can also explore the various flora, such as the tall conifer forests. This park also has several plants, each dazzling to look at, such as mountain laurels.

3.Navy Pier
Chicago has an incredible Navy pier over the waters of Lake Michigan. This tourist site is an excellent way to spend time with your family; it has parks, gardens, shops, and exhibitions. You can enjoy the leisure activities and stock up on souvenirs. Your family can enjoy a visit to Chicago Children's Museum and even stop at the theaters to conclude your festive night.

4.French Quarter
New Orleans may be famous for its gumbo, but it has the famous French Quarter beyond a tasty meal. This architectural treat explores the French colonial influences. One of the buildings that would catch your eye is the impressive St. Louis Cathedral. The French Quarter also contains a pathway for you to walk along the Mississippi River. You can even go to Bourbon Street for the nightlife and visit their local pubs. 

5.Kennedy Space Center
If you like anything related to space, then Cape Canaveral should make your list. Cape Canaveral is located along the coast of Florida, and it has the famous Kennedy Space Center. It was the launch site for every space flight in 1968. However, now it is a launch site for crewless rockets. While you are at this space center, you can learn about space travel. You can even participate in the shuttle launch experience, which replicates space travel. You learn about space travel and experience the tension of excitement to take on this journey.

6.Walt Disney World
It is not possible to go all the way to the United States and not visit Disney World. You need to get yourself to Orlando and enjoy a fun-filled day with your family. Walt Disney World is a collection of different theme parks. Such as the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom. There are various rides to explore. Since the park itself is quite vast, make sure you spend at least a few days here. Apart from the rides, you can enjoy Broadway shows and different cuisines and shop to your heart's content.

7.Yosemite National Park
You can't skip visiting Yosemite National Park. This park is within the Mountains of California in Sierra Nevada. There are massive granite cliffs, waterfalls, and trees which are more than a hundred years old. The park also has the impressive granite monolith called the half doom. The shades of orange and brown found throughout the park will captivate you.

8.The White House
Down in Washington DC is the official residence and office of the president of the United States. Not only can you take pictures of this site, but you can also sign up for the tourist package. However, security is relatively rigid, but you can enter the white house with the proper procedure. You can gain insight into US politics and learn how presidents and their entire cabinet work.

9.Florida Keys
Visiting the tropical islands should be a part of your vacation. The Florida keys are at the base of the Florida peninsula, connected through bridges. You can even visit the Seven Mile Bridge, a frequent location for Hollywood movies such as True lies. Nothing beats a day at a tropical island.

10.Golden Gate Bridge
Another famous attraction of California is the Golden Gate Bridge. This globally renowned suspension bridge is in-between San Francisco and Marin County. It also has a distinctive orange and red color to make it visible through the thick fog. You can take your family on a drive while you are in California and enjoy the water as you drive. If you can catch the sunset on your way back, that would add to the appeal of your drive.

Wrap Up
The US has many sites for you to explore. Mount Rushmore with its famous carvings of the presidents. Smoky Mountains National Parks in the lively heart of Tennessee. In Chicago, enjoy a day at the Navy Pier. New Orleans holds the French Quarter. Visit the Florida coast for the Kennedy Space Center and the Florida Keys for a tropical retreat, and not forget the Walt Disney World.

Visit the Yosemite National park for scenic value. Washington DC has the famous white house that makes America what it is. Finally, a drive through the golden gate bridge is an excellent way to culminate your drive.


Photo by Free-Photos  from Pixabay

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