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Innovative new policy engine gives corporations greater control

GetThere introduces rules-based travel policy engine

GetThere, the travel and collaboration management solution, has launched an industry-leading travel policy engine for its corporate customers. The new travel policy engine provides increased flexibility for businesses to construct simple to complex rules, providing convenience and compliance in booking travel. The corporate travel manager will be able to easily and quickly respond to changes that need be made in the policy with the greatest flexibility possible. GetThere has already started transitioning customers from its current travel policy functionality to the new rules-based travel policy engine.

GetThere’s travel policy engine gives businesses the ability to:
– Define and construct policy rules for specific geographic areas and profile data
– Establish violation behavior at rule level
– Reduce configuration and maintenance using a user friendly interface
– Save money delivering itineraries with lowest logical benchmark.

“The Travel Policy Engine gives companies the power to manage their travel policy system at the base level, setting rules for the traveler to follow,” explains Paul Wiley, vice president, product, partnerships and strategy for GetThere. “The result is an easy to use system for the policy administrator, great program flexibility for the travel manager and greater compliance from the traveler as it notifies them throughout the booking process with explanations of policy violations.”

With the new travel policy engine, corporate travel managers can manage policies by setting specific variables, operators and thresholds and apply them at rule level. Travelers will then be able to choose itineraries specific to their geographic and user profile information. Additionally, the new travel policy engine ensures greater policy compliance by comparing all selected flight options against defined company ideals. Users who select out of policy itineraries are immediately notified on the Low Fare page with mouse rollovers for brief explanations of the violation.

A Sabre Travel Network business, GetThere is the recognized leader among large and medium-sized corporations, providing online solutions for the majority of America’s 100 largest corporate travel programs and thousands of corporations below that size worldwide.