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SITA helps Flyr take off with solutions for connectivity and efficiency

The new low-cost airline has selected solutions from SITA’s aircraft and airport portfolios to boost operational efficiencies and optimize air-to-ground communications.

As Flyr AS, a new low-cost airline based in Norway, takes to the skies, it has turned to SITA to deliver a wide range of solutions that help boost operational efficiencies, reduce carbon emissions, and streamline border processes for a smoother passenger experience. Based at Oslo Gardermoen Airport, Flyr operates flights within Norway and between Norway and European leisure destinations, having completed its first commercial flight on 30 June.

In the air, Flyr has implemented SITA's eWAS Pilot and eWAS Dispatch to provide pilots and dispatchers real-time access to accurate multi-source weather reports. eWAS Pilot, an application used by 67,000 pilots worldwide, provides accurate 4D weather forecasts and real-time updates from various sources to warn about weather hazards such as thunderstorms, lightning, clear air turbulence, strong winds, icing, and even volcanic ash. Cloud-based eWAS Dispatch incorporates this data into a next-generation flight tracking system which reduces dispatchers' workload by streamlining flight monitoring.

Together, the solutions help Flyr optimize decision-making and efficiency for flight route planning to save fuel and reduce carbon emissions, all while ensuring a more comfortable service for passengers.

To connect air and ground operations, Flyr has adopted SITA's AIRCOM Cockpit Services and AIRCOM FlightMessenger. AIRCOM FlightMessenger, the air transport industry's leading solution for the management and integration of operational communications, supports operational efficiencies for Flyr through improved air-to-ground communication.

On the ground, the addition of SITA Messaging connects Flyr to their partners and over 2,400 air transport industry actors via fully-managed message distribution services, while SITA's Community Connect DCS service is providing Flyr network connectivity across approximately 10 airports.

SITA's WorldTracer desktop management and tracing modules will be operational in October and provide Flyr a single, standardized solution for reporting and repatriating mishandled bags. This will help Flyr to streamline operations and improve the passenger experience. With a global database, WorldTracer can locate mishandled bags quickly and effectively, saving time and money and enhancing the customer experience.

Starting in October, Flyr will also be able to provide passenger and crew data as required by destination governments using SITA's API PNR Gateway. With an agreement initially covering France and Spain, the solution will enable Flyr to dynamically and quickly add countries as they expand their operations in the European market, providing a single feed to each government on behalf of Flyr that is timely, secure, and compliant with government regulations.

Alf Sagen, CIO of Flyr, said: "We are glad to have adopted SITA's tried and tested solutions, which have supported the smooth take-off of our commercial operations. Having a trusted industry partner on our side makes a huge difference as we establish our offering, assuring passengers that we will provide the best experience possible while simultaneously boosting our operational efficiencies. The SITA teams' attentiveness to our needs from the outset only makes us more confident in our collaboration, which we look forward to continuing."

Sergio Colella, SITA President for Europe, said: "We are proud that Flyr has selected SITA solutions to start its operations. We have delivered to the new airline a complete suite of industry-leading solutions, spanning flight planning optimization, air-to-ground communications, baggage tracing, and border management to streamline the passenger experience. We are confident that the added efficiencies provided by our solutions will contribute to Flyr’s sustainable development, supporting its low-cost model. We look forward to a long and fruitful partnership with Flyr."

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