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TBEX North America 2021 rescheduled for April 2022 due to Covid19 safety protocols

TBEX conferences attract 500-700 of the top travel and lifestyle creators from around the world.

TBEX agreed with their partners at Visit Tri-Cities, Washington that they need to reschedule TBEX North America to April 18 – 21, 2022. "This is the most prudent and responsible decision to make, as we are committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for our conference attendees, sponsors, local residents, and businesses." says Rick Calvert, CEO TBEX.

"Last week, the team at Tri-Cities shared with us that there has been a local spike in regional Covid19 cases for several weeks. Like many other cities and regions in the US, the hospitals in Tri-Cities are full and some patients are being sent to other nearby states for treatment. Benton Franklin Health District, the local health authority in the Tri-Cities, strongly recommends canceling all large indoor events for the near future. TBEX obviously qualifies as a large indoor event.

To those of you who were looking forward to visiting Tri-Cities in just a few short weeks, I am sorry. I know you are disappointed and frustrated. We are too, but we have no other choice. However, we look very forward to seeing you in Washington in April of 2022!

This has been a challenging couple of years for all of us in the travel industry, particularly creators. Many of us have lost loved ones, have lost jobs and income, and/or seen it happen to our friends. Yet there is also positive news. Earlier this week we had more good news with the Pfizer vaccine being formally approved by the FDA. For those of us with kids, they are finally going back to school in person. Many of you have also shared that your audience is coming back strong, looking for travel advice and stories of your adventures. There will be more good news in the weeks and months to come. There will also be more setbacks.

Like you, we at TBEX Events will continue to persevere through this, and will see each other again soon. It will just be a little longer than we had hoped."

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