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For inexperienced travellers, long-haul flights can be a daunting prospect. However, with smart preparation, the right entertainment and a positive

Lowest potential compensation payout of 250 Euros equivalent to 17 UK working hours at average salary; Only ten per cent

According to "Flights  Sector Report - Issue9" research, 'Cheap flights' was the most queried term accounting for 17% (450,000) of

73% of Americans polled do not want pocket knives allowed in airplane cabins. Also, a vast majority (nearly 80%) indicate

1,051  flights were canceled on December 26th at US airports compared to Christmas Day's 660 cancelations.

In an attempt to discourage the use of mobile phones in-flight Air Malta launched a Public Service Announcement which has

KLM is increasing the frequency of its flights at Budapest Airport up to 27 flights weekly.

The average on-time performance across all airports was 80 per cent and average delay 12 minutes.

Difficult times for national airlines - according to a survey by ITB Berlin value for money and tailor-made frequent flyer