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Get more bookings through Google using these 7 travel SEO tips

Create SEO optimization for your Google searches in order to take advantage of the highest rankings possible and an increase in your traffic and conversion rates. 

Optimizing your SEO is a proven way of increasing the traffic to your website and ultimately drawing in more clicks and boosting your conversion rate. There are ways that you can improve your SEO through Google to help get eyes to your website, and get your sales on the rise.

The right keywords in the right amount
It’s not just about using the right keywords, it’s also about finding the right proportions for those keywords. Stuffing your content with keywords may actually work against you in more ways than one – it will read unnaturally to your readers and it may even be flagged by Google.

When putting together your copy, keep your keywords at about 2 or 3 per page, avoiding overstuffing but trying to keep keywords front and center, in the headline of your page and in the meta description, title tag and alt tags. Adding your keywords here can help increase your presence without appearing as though you’re unnaturally stuffing keywords in your copy.

Create SEO Optimized Content
It’s a given that, in order to get eyes to your website and clicks on your content, you need to have amazing, SEO optimized content. If you aren’t the best at creating this content or you don’t have the time to dedicate, there are resources out here to help you.

  • MyWritingWay – Find an easy to navigate source for SEO copywriting guides
  • UKTopwriters and BestAustralianWriters – All of the online editing tools you’ll need in one place
  • Academ advisor – Have your grammar meticulously checked 
  • Revieweal and Bigassignments – Generate enticing keywords, titles, subheadings
  • Studydemic and Oxessays – Proofread your SEO content with these online resources

Optimize in every way possible
Hands free searches are on the rise – in fact, Google has sited that 20% of its mobile searches are done via voice. So, the questions is, are you voice-search enabled? You can easily test out where you rank in voice search results, and incorporate voice search into your content marketing plan, if necessary, in helping to boosting your SEO optimization.

Use Friendly = User Happy
Nothing can turn off a website visitor faster than a difficult to navigate website. No one wants to have to search through information to find what they’re looking for – they want it to be right there, easy to find and easy to understand. Even if you’ve got high rankings in Google, if no one can navigate through your site, that ranking won’t translate into sales conversions. Make sure once users get to your site, they can find what they’re looking for. 

A Faster and more friendly mobile site
Everyone seems to do everything on their phones these days. So, it’s essential that you optimize your site to be mobile friendly and fast to view. People are doing everything from texting to booking their next vacation through their phones, so they need to be able to easily find and navigate your site no matter how they’re searching and browsing for you.
Linking through Links

A highly effective SEO technique is link building, which essentially means you’re linking out to other sites and they’re linking in to you. One great way to increase the links into your website is through a press release, especially if you’re planning on offering an amazing travel deal, where travel bloggers are likely to link to you and recommend the promotion you’re offering. Send these influential bloggers invitations to visit your properties or exclusive offers for their readers.

Get Local
Location data is huge for search engines, and local SEO is used frequently by search engines to identify the most relevant data and location-based search queries. Adding your travel business to local Google Business searches and profiles will instantly help increase search results for those looking for a locally-based travel business. “Local SEO is actually a huge market, even if your locale is quite small. There is a new movement to all things local, and supporting local, so if you can make that a part of your business identity and capitalize on that, definitely take advantage of your local presence,” explains SEO manager at AustralianReviewer and WriteMyAustralia.

Create SEO optimization for your Google searches in order to take advantage of the highest rankings possible and an increase in your traffic and conversion rates. 

Travel blog editor - Academized

Nora Mork is a travel blog editor and writer at Academized. She shares her tips and case studies by writing article for blogs and online magazines, such as Australian help and Paper Fellows.