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Tips for preparing for an adventure across the East Coast

It’s always better to be prepared, so here’s your guide to make your trip across the East Coast worth reminiscing about.

The United States is home to some of the most scenic areas overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. It’s no surprise that many travelers whether domestic or foreign are eager to put the American East Coast on their list of must-experience adventures.

Considered the birthplace of the country itself because most of the original 13 colonies were located there, the East Coast also offers breathtaking natural sceneries amid sprawling urban centers. There’s much to expect on the East Coast and as a traveler who’s new to the area, you might be overwhelmed by the number of places and activities to experience. It’s always better to be prepared, so here’s your guide to make your trip across the East Coast worth reminiscing about.

Find the perfect time for your arrival
When it comes to traveling to the East Coast, timing is everything. You will want to strike a balance between seeing the best things about the region in season and beating the surge in the prices for plane tickets and hotels.

Tourist season in many East Coast states typically starts in late June as spring transitions to summer. This is when hotel bookings and beaches in Florida and South Carolina became jam packed. You may want to avoid arriving around this time of the year if you’re on a budget.

You could get just as much excitement without breaking the bank by planning your journey for Fall. This is also the perfect time to see places in Boston and Rhode Island turn orange and gold. Before you make your travel arrangements to the East Coast, make sure to hit the sweet spot.

Come up with an itinerary
Now that you have chosen the ideal season to book your flight to the East Coast, you only need to figure out what to do once you’re there. The vastness of this region offers almost unlimited possibilities to first-time visitors. Finding out where to go and what to do there is a challenge unless you come up with an itinerary that will help you make the most of the adventure.

The best way you can approach this is to plan a road trip taking you from the north to the south or vice versa. You can then pick out stopovers near major cities or attractions. Your itinerary will ultimately depend on what you feel is worth doing and seeing along the way.

Take time for research or get ideas from people you know who have lived on the East Coast for some time now. If you want to go fishing or boating, If it’s a seasonal trip and you’re planning to go boating, then check out GetMyBoat’s new report on the most popular boating cities in America. Many of these are found on this side of the country.

Prepare a budget plan
Another important part of preparing for a trip to the East Coast is knowing how much money you will need to cover everything, from transportation down to meals. This often depends entirely on how long the adventure will last. You may not need much If it’s only for a week and you will only be staying in cheap motels along the way. However, prices are far from affordable if you are in cities like New York and Philadelphia.

It’s hard to define what comes off as enough if you want to make the most of your East Coast adventure, but it won’t hurt to go over and beyond the average. If you don’t have enough money, you can always look for alternatives. Staying overnight at an Airbnb, for instance, can help you save money on accommodations

Find a good place to stay
When it comes to finding a hotel room, you shouldn’t let your budget dictate your options. Again, you could choose to look for AirBnB listings that are convenient and reasonably priced. However, the price shouldn’t come at the cost of comfort. You may not get the best experience if you agree to stay at a cheap AirBnB rental that doesn’t guarantee your safety.

The best way you could travel across the East Coast is to look for anyone you know who is willing to reserve an extra bed for you. Look up relatives living in the towns or cities you’re visiting and see if they could give you a place to stay. If it’s a relative, then opt for a friend who is willing to lend you a space to sleep in.

Try all the good food
Don’t think that you’re on the East Coast just to take in all the sights and sounds the region has to offer. The fact that it overlooks the Atlantic Ocean is already enough reason to go on a gastronomic adventure. Nurturing a rich culinary tradition, East Coast towns and cities offer a wide array of dishes you wouldn’t want to overlook.

During your trip there, try out regional favorites like New England-style clam chowder. The dish has many varieties, but Rhode Island and Boston chowders are among the essentials for newcomers. If you’re traveling deep into Florida, never leave the state without eating an authentic Cuban sandwich. When you’re in New York, pay a visit to some of the city’s finest pizzerias for a slice of authentic hand-tossed pizzas.

Make sure to visit famous attractions
A trip to the East Coast will only be complete with taking pictures of iconic structures. The region has loads of them. In New York City alone, the Empire State Building isn’t the only major landmark to capture. You can also take a stroll around Central Park or gaze at the beautiful brownstone row houses in neighborhoods like Bed Stuy and Park Slope.

Beaches are also common throughout the East Coast with Florida alone showcasing iconic beachfronts like Destin and South Beach. Even underrated states like Delaware boast beautiful white sand beaches like Dewey Beach and Bethany Beach which are just some of the most beautiful outside of Florida.

If you’re planning a trip to the East Coast soon, follow the tips above for an adventure that’s worth every second and every cent you spend.