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Fun beach activities to try when in Florida

There’s plenty of beach activities to try when you visit Florida.

Florida is touted as one of the premier tourist destinations in the United States. Its exceptional geographical feature (being a peninsula) makes it a state that’s almost surrounded by water. It serves as a border between two great bodies of water: the Gulf of Mexico in the west and Atlantic Ocean in the east. These features make Florida a state with the 2nd longest coastline of all of the contiguous US states. With a long coastline, there are plenty of awesome beaches in the state. And of course we know what that means. There’s plenty of beach activities to try when you visit Florida.

Jet skiing in Fort Lauderdale
Let’s open up one of your choices with the need for speed. If you are into racing or extreme sports, this activity is something you can do. Fort Lauderdale is home to some of the finest beaches in Florida, so one of the best ways of appreciating the beach scenery is through the vantage point from out in the sea. If you come from a distant or neighboring state and bringing your own jet ski can be quite a drag, but don’t worry because the folks at jet ski rental Fort Lauderdale offer rental services and they come in attractive packages, discounted rates and so you can find one that fits your budget and needs. If you’re going to one of Fort Lauderdale’s beaches to hone your jet ski racing skills, you can do so while also having fun and enjoying the coastal view of Fort Lauderdale. If you are a casual rider, take your sweet time riding the waves and checking out great spots at the coast as you ride till sunset. So bring a jet ski or rent one, and enjoy the sea, sand and sun.

Try out different ways to fish at Destin
If you are the avid angler type who wants to mix pleasure and hobby, then Destin is your perfect destination. This bustling city and tourist spot was once a fishing village so it’s no surprise to find many fishing-related activities here. You can try out fly fishing or for a more up close and personal experience, you can try out deep sea fishing. If fishing wasn’t originally your intention for going to Destin but you want to try and experience the beauty of fishing, there are many poles, bait and tackle for rent in Okaloosa island and nearby beaches.

Checking out the food scene in Panama City Beaches
Yes, you’ve read it right, there is a place called Panama City in Florida in case you didn’t know. This city is conveniently seated between Tallahassee and Pensacola. Not only does this city pride itself with its many white sand beaches, its food scene will captivate tourists who are looking for different activities and attractions on the beach. Bars, grills and restaurants are aplenty so be sure not to tire yourself out when swimming in order to visit many of these places where you can get to eat fresh and deliciously irresistible food.

Discover the shopping and market scene near Pensacola Beach
Florida has endless beautiful offerings when it comes to beaches. Pensacola Beach will dazzle you with its white sand beaches matched with a beautiful emerald green coastline. After soaking up the sun on Pensacola Beach, you can satisfy the shopaholic in you by checking out nearby shopping centers, boutiques, spas and salons. You can also check out the farmer’s market and fish market just a few short walks away from the beach.

We may tend to look for activities out of the ordinary when we go on vacation. Choosing Florida is a good choice for a vacation destination if you want to satisfy your craving for extraordinary activities. Rather than just taking a dip and getting a tan all day long, give in to your curiosity and find the other wonderful things the beaches of Florida can offer you.

Photo by Joël de Vriend on Unsplash

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