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Extraordinary Journeys announces three safaris sans-WiFi in Tanzania, Botswana and Zimbabwe


A new collection of safari itineraries from the award-winning tour operator encourage travelers to discover the value in disconnecting with exclusively Wi-Fi-free accommodations.

NEW YORK, NY - Extraordinary Journeys has curated a collection of safaris-sans-wifi in three exciting destinations across Africa including Tanzania, Botswana, and Zimbabwe. The Hadzabe - Cultural Immersion in the Serengeti, Off-Grid Botswana, and Untouched Zimbabwe itineraries have each been designed to provide an opportunity to genuinely disconnect from daily life at home and experience a more profound and mindful way of traveling. Through Wi-Fi-free accommodations and a team of expert guides, Extraordinary Journeys provides enriching itineraries to Africa that foster powerful interactions with local communities and the environment.

"Here at Extraordinary Journeys, we want to encourage slow, mindful, more present travel. In an age of instant gratification, two-day shipping, unlimited access, and immediacy in just about everything we do, we invite you to take things down a notch. These itineraries encourage travelers to concentrate on learning more about where they are and what they are seeing. Home will be there soon enough. And if you can truly unplug while on safari, you will be amazed at how relaxed you feel when you do get home," says Extraordinary Journeys' co-founder Elizabeth Gordon

Travelers will learn from The Hadzabe people while fly camping through the Tanzanian bush, discover the wonders and wildlife of the exotic Kalahari Desert in Botswana, and listen to the roars of lions during a moon-lit dinner under the stars in Zimbabwe, and more. Read below to learn more about these incredible safaris and why Wi-Fi-free is the ultimate luxury. 

The Hadzabe - Cultural Immersion in the Serengeti
Navigate the Tanzanian bush from the perspective of the Hadzabe on this 9-night journey complete with a 3-night fly camping adventure. The Hadzabe - Cultural Immersion in the Serengeti itinerary encourages guests to savor the quiet, open spaces of the bush and learn from the extraordinarily pure, hunter-gatherer society who use their expert knowledge of the land to lead a magical journey through the serene Serengeti plains.

Guests will sleep under the stars or in a simple tent and learn the true meaning of 'getting away from it all' on a 3-night fly camping excursion. Offered by some of Africa's most luxurious safari camps and boutique lodges, fly-camping is barefoot luxury at its finest. The experience will give new meaning to the definition of privacy, as guests enjoy the luxury of being in the thick of nature - miles away from crowds, main roads and Wi-Fi. Each day, your afternoon bush walk will lead you to a new mobile camp that has already been set up for you by your guides. Take in the magnificent surroundings, relax by the campfire while sipping a classic Gin & Tonic and enjoy a gourmet meal under the stars over conversations about today's discoveries and tomorrow's adventure.

After three nights of fly-camping, the trip concludes with three nights nestled in a preserve of serenity and solitude at Serian's Serengeti South Camp. The property's unique vantage point over the staggering spectacle of the wildebeest migration is a truly remarkable way to end the trip.

Itinerary Summary:
1 Night - Arusha Coffee Lodge - Arusha
2 Nights - Serian Serengeti South - Southern Serengeti
3 Nights - Fly Camping with the Hadzabe - Southern Serengeti
3 Nights - Serian Serengeti South - Southern Serengeti 

Off Grid Botswana
On Extraordinary Journeys' 9-night Off The Grid Botswana itinerary, reconnect with nature while exploring two sides of the Okavango Delta followed by the Kalahari Desert. Embark on boating safaris, game drives and walking safaris where you will quickly discover Botswana is home to an incredibly diverse array of wildlife and dramatic landscapes.
While navigating the Okavango Delta by boat, expect to see animals ranging in size from thumbnail-sized frogs to enormous hippos and a roster of magnificent bird life. On land, day and night game drives and guided safari walks will reward you with sightings of Africa's best-known wildlife including elephants, lions, and hyenas. After six nights exploring the delta's two sides, the journey continues to the Kalahari Desert for a vastly different experience.

Botswana's Kalahari Desert provides a stark contrast to the Okavango Delta and opens your eyes to the enormity of nature. Located in the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans, Jack's Camp provides a range of activities, from quad biking across the pans, to an authentic cultural interaction with the San People (Bushmen), and visits with habituated meerkats. Right away, you will notice the desert is full of life - meerkats, aardwolf, zebra, lions and myriad other animals can be seen in the desert, along with one of the most brilliant night skies on earth.

Summary of itinerary:
3 Nights - Seba Camp - Okavango Delta
3 Nights - Chitabe Camp - Okavango Delta
3 Nights -Jack's Camp  - Kalahari Desert

Untouched Zimbabwe
Adapt to the rhythm of the natural world in the remote reaches of Zimbabwe on a 6-night safari through the country's raw beauty and unparalleled landscapes. Untouched Zimbabwe leaves visitors in awe, creating lifelong memories and offering close encounters with big game.

This itinerary begins in the heart of Hwange National Park with a stay at the luxurious Somalisa Camp in the Kennedy Vlei. This authentic and classic safari camp is the ideal destination for spotting large numbers of elephants and other exciting wildlife from the property's grounds and beyond. On game drives and walking safaris, an expert guide will show you the hidden spots for the best animal viewing and share their insider knowledge of the area for an unparalleled bush experience.

After three nights at Somalisa Camp exploring Hwange, venture on to Nyamatusi Camp in Mana Pools National Park. Guests will enjoy canoe safaris known for showcasing the best scenery and wildlife Mana Pools in the Zambezi Valley has to offer. Additionally, venture on game drives, walking safaris, and bird watching or fishing excursions for total immersion in this wild area.

Summary of Itinerary:
3 Nights - Somalisa Camp - Hwange National Park
3 Nights - Nyamatusi Camp - Mana Pools National Park

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