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As part of this strategic alliance, 15below has redeveloped all integration points with Navitaire, leveraging digital APIs (Application Programming Interfaces).

Air Europa will send notifications to passengers via email and SMS using 15below’s industry-leading user interface that places everything in

Ryanair has used the 15below platform to send more than 154 million notifications to passengers in the past 12 months,

Etihad sends notifications to passengers via email, SMS and push to app via 15below’s industry-leading user interface that places everything

Communications sent through the platform via a number of channels including email and SMS were at a 2021 high of

Sitata uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to track global travel disruptions or threats and was the first to launch

The 15below platform links directly to Etihad’s reservations system, allowing the airline to automatically communicate with its passengers using personalised,

Award program showcases exceptional examples of digital experiences built on Acquia’s open digital experience platform.

Key founded software development firm 15below in 2000 to enable travel companies to keep their passengers informed and empowered during

The passenger now has the ability to accept the change, or in some cases, apply for a refund at the