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Best real money poker sites for playing offshore

There are several well-established practices that will help any player to follow up on and duly look into any online poker site

The world of online poker is filled with great places to play the game you love for real money and against a field of players of all skill levels and backgrounds. Finding the right website for you is probably half of the journey. This is why we have taken a closer look at what the best real money poker sites for playing offshore are and how you can find them yourself.

We have factored in some brands, and also paid attention to what is going to matter to you as a player. There are several well-established practices that will help any player to follow up on and duly look into any online poker site – and especially those based offshore. This way, you will know exactly what sites make sense to pick and play at.

Let’s take it from the top: What are the best offshore poker sites
The first thing to do is find out what the best offshore poker sites are. Their names are usually well-known, and they have been subjected to some pretty extensive reviewing processes over the years. As a result, there are several brands that already stand out by virtue of the quality of poker service they provide to players. They include:

  • BetOnline
  • Ignition
  • Everygame
  • Americas Cardroom
  • Bovada

These are just five of the best-known and most trusted offshore poker sites for real money. They allow you to quickly onboard and play in any format or game variant that you may find interesting. Players will have the option to try out their favorite cash games, join tournaments during weekdays and weekend, and generally have some of the best offshore poker experience available to them. How do you find out about the best offshore poker sites though?

Playing legal real money poker offshore – Where to start
All of the above brands make perfect sense when you are looking for legal real money poker sites located offshore. They have withstood the test of time, offer a strong variety of gaming options, and are generally considered safe, reliable, and trustworthy options for you to explore. To find them, you simply need to follow several time-tested best practices.

  • Reputation and licensing: First, you want to ensure that a card room actually stands scrutiny from the community. This means that you expect and want it to have a great reputation with your fellow players. This is easily verifiable through a range of community boards and even word of mouth. A license is also important to players. Even when based offshore, card rooms ought to have some form of licensing.
  • Game variety and traffic: Another equally important factor to players is the number of online players. Most offshore card rooms will offer you to play online rather than at a land-based location. As such, players put great store by how much other players there are. This way, you can keep playing cash games or join tournaments round-the-clock. Game variety is similarly important.
  • Tournaments and big events: No offshore real money poker site would be any good if it lacked a busy tournament calendar. Tournaments are by definition one of the things that poker players are keenly interested in these competitive formats as they often come with excellent prize purses. This way, players know that they have a chance at winning some substantial amounts playing their favorite game.
  • Upward mobility: Apart from tournaments, the best offshore poker sites will have another thing in common – upward mobility. This means that players may come with even a small bankroll and still climb to the very top of the available competitive events. That is achieved through the use of freeroll tournaments and satellite events that feed into bigger events.

All of these factors will help you find your way in the world of offshore online poker websites and help you better understand what to expect and where to find what you need. There are many excellent brands, but knowing how to specifically research individual card rooms is equally important.

Other factors to take into consideration
There is more as always is in poker. Apart from the factors you would consider from the standpoint of players, there are also technological and brand-related things that you may want to know about a poker site. For example, what payment options are available, how fast is the customer support response time, and is mobile compatibility with iOS and Android devices supported?

When it comes to the best real money offshore poker sites, the answers are usually yes, yes, and definitely. Just like any top-ranking poker card room, offshore sites want to ensure that they provide a level of service that stands out on its own merits. All of these services are aware that players will always choose the better option.

That incentivizes them to seek and provide players with a continually improving variety of options across the board, leading to a more thriving and vibrant poker community and experience for everyone.

How to choose the site that is best for you
At the end of the road, the real question remains – how you pick the offshore online poker site that will be the best for you. There are many ways to approach this. You may be a recreational player who is looking for some cash games action during the week.

You may be an ambitious and competitive player who wants to start from the bottom with a freeroll tournament and enter the seven-figure prize pools at the end of the week. There are many considerations that go in play here.

The important thing, we believe, is to always make sure that you have chosen a reputable online poker site in the first place. This way you will know that whatever you want to see in your next poker session, you will be playing at a trustworthy and reliable poker card room that will provide you with some excellent options along the way.