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Bulgarian Government confirms extended May Holiday

Bulgaria’s Government announced a week long break from work in May next year, so locals can now book an extended holiday.

Bulgarians can look forward to an extended holiday in May next year as the country’s government gave the go-ahead for an extra day’s holiday to bring together various different holidays into a week-long break from work. With so much to see and do, why not join the locals and book a cheap holiday to Bulgaria via dealchecker or other online providers?

The Sofia News Agency reported in mid-November that the Bulgarian government had added 2nd May to holiday celebrations beginning  on Wednesday 1st May (Labor Day). Easter holidays (3rd, 4th, 5th May) and the Day of St George (Gergiovden) will then connect with these dates to ensure a week of fun and festivities. Ministers hope that the extended holiday period will provide Bulgarian workers with rest and bring them back to their jobs with renewed vigour in the following week.

What might the Bulgarians choose to do over this extended break? 

Many Bulgarians are orthodox Christians and will celebrate Easter over those central three days.

If they choose to travel out of the country, the most popular destinations for Bulgarians are countries that are close by: Turkey, Greece and Serbia are the favourites.

For those that stay in the country, the young like to socialise at cafés, night clubs and discos – although government rules state that under-16s are forbidden from night clubs after ten p.m. The middle-age bracket also like to socialise, but at a gentler pace, either at home or in restaurants. One hard drink that is very popular is Rakia – distilled from fermented fruit and as high as 40% alcohol by volume. Home produced Rakia can be even stronger – up to 60%.

Of course, many Bulgarians will take the opportunity to visit places within their own country. The capital and largest city, Sofia, is surrounded by parkland and it lies at the foot of the ski mountain Vitosha. Sofia is one of Europe’s oldest cities and has plenty of ruins to visit, as well as the extensive National Historical Museum. It has an exciting nightlife too. 

Many Bulgarians will be hoping for early summer sun and head for Sunny Beach, one of the biggest resorts in the country. It sits with an eastern view of the Black Sea, with long and wide sandy beaches, hotels aplenty and a throbbing and vibrant nightlife. 

Further north along the Black Sea coast is Varna, which will undoubtedly attract Bulgarians during the holiday. It is often referred to as the summer capital of Bulgaria, and is a major tourist destination. The oldest golden treasure in the world was discovered here, dating back to 4,600 BC. 

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