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Nine ways to travel as a college student

The journey helps you test yourself in an unusual situation and understand that you are just a tiny part of a vast universe

Youth is the most beautiful period in a person's being. And it's a sin not to use this happiest time with maximum pleasure. Better than travel, humanity hasn't yet come up with anything. 

Becoming older, we realize that we don't know much. Only in the young, everything is clear and straightforward, but as long as you don't go on a journey. 

While traveling, you realize that the world is not just big. It is too huge. And it is populated by individuals who know more than you. And that life is full of challenges and problems that are much harder to deal with than you thought. The journey helps you test yourself in an unusual situation and understand that you are just a tiny part of a vast universe. Every journey, first of all, changes you from within. 

However, many humans still postpone their dreams of traveling to old age, spending every day on education. But it's wrong to think that you'll have more options to travel in the future. Now they have a lot of ideas about how to travel without impacting education.

So here are nine ways to travel as student:

1. Study abroad

This way is good for those who want to study and travel. There are many exchange abroad programs for children of different courses and countries. The idea of studying abroad is that universities worldwide exchange children, allowing them to travel and see how children live. It doesn't require a lot of money. And you stay during the semester or year. The program pays for tuition at an American university, accommodation and meals, health insurance, required textbooks, and a monthly stipend. At another university, you will be able to find many new friends, get to know the values of other countries, and bring a lot of new things to your university when you're back home.

2. Save money

The most widespread problem of the journey is a small budget. You can also pay less if you travel between seasons. And while you should have emergency money. It's ok if you don't have a million for the journey. There are many ideas on how not to spend a lot during your journey. First of all, you can use your educational status. This way you can have a discount on transport for the excursion. Also, try to buy last-minute tours or buy tickets in advance, because their cost is lowe

3. Be risky 

Many humans, especially college students, hitchhike because it is cheap and sometimes even free. But don't forget to check if the driver has the same destination as you. It's an excellent opportunity to meet different people and listen to exciting stories from drivers. Also in this way you can find housing, discover which places are better to visit, and where you can eat tastily. Or you can meet the locals. You can even offer them help in exchange for housing. It's an exciting and valuable experience because such situations teach relationships with different individuals better than anything else. Also this way you can master the local language. For example, in Spain the community is very kind and grateful, so you can live in their house and even learn Spanish faster. The main thing is not to be afraid but to be open to everything new.



4. Your time should be planned wisely

The trip does not have to be a couple of weeks. Sometimes it is enough to take a break for a few days, so you do not have to wait for a vacation at college. You can go on weekends, even to a neighboring city. And when there is more time, you can fly to distant countries. If you have online lessons, you can even be on the beach in Turkey or take a vacation academy and explore countries. The main thing is not to make quick decisions but to think about combining learning with travel.

5. Don't miss the opportunity

There are many activities for youth. For example, international conferences, lectures, and presentations. You can do some research for similar events. You can participate as a listener or offer something on your own. This way you can invite your friends to the event, and travel together. Therefore, it is an excellent opportunity to combine the pleasant with the useful. 

6. Work and travel

If you want to have a job, this can be a great break to see every corner of the planet. Nowadays, there are many opportunities and projects. So you can travel as a representative of your company or hire a new job. Many projects can help you work abroad or plan life in a new place. Such programs often help with accommodation for all your family, if you want to take them with you. Some of them offer a job only for a short period, and others allow them to stay abroad for a long time.

7. Be an organizer

Don't be afraid to be a leader. Try to invite a teacher from your university to gather a group and go on a tour. More fun with a large number of friends. Also, such a trip can bring something new to your school's education. So you can write a plan for your trip and present it to your class. When you gather a group, you can rent a bus and visit a few countries. Such a trip can be cheap and comfortable. 

8. Read the news

Many party organizers are sending invitations to all countries. It can be an opportunity to make friends. So you can subscribe to the stars on social networks and do not miss the chance to travel. Try to subscribe to different hashtags connected with parties and traveling. This way, you'll be aware of all current events. Don't be afraid, write to people, participate in raffles, and remember that you always have a chance to win.

9. Suggest something of your own

For example, if you write poems or songs, try to promote your work and organize a concert in a foreign country. It is already a success and an opportunity to travel with benefits, even for a small audience. Try to write to famous people, you can be lucky, and someone will help you. Advertise your event on social media, and ask your friends to help with it. This way lots of people will be interested. So you can travel and earn money. The main thing is to be risky and take any chance you have.


All in all, any journey to far or near countries gives a lot of knowledge, memories, feelings, and emotions. Traveling, a young person begins to understand better what he wants from the future. During the journey, values are formed, survival skills are sharpened, and the person understands what it means to be independent. The main thing is not to postpone journeys for later, because the youth years are the best time to see the world. Travel alone or with friends, because time is running out, so live the moment.

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