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Six things to do in Oregon while you are on a family holiday

If you’ve been raring to experience sand dunes like the ones you see on the internet in countries of the Middle East, Asia, or Africa, you don’t have to travel far. Oregon can offer you the same experience plus a whole lot more. 

Some people might convince you to visit Oregon, and you might be wondering what’s so special about that particular state. Unlike the usual features that big cities offer, you won’t find huge amusement parks and other very colorful attractions in Oregon.

This is despite the fact that it is the 6th most expensive state to live in 2019, according to CNBC. Instead, your family would be in for a big surprise for the great outdoors that Oregon has in store for you.

Get those vehicles in top condition because you will be spending most of your time on the road. Don’t fret as this will be unlike any other road trip your family has experienced. Without further ado, below are some of the most fun things to do in Oregon with the family.

Enjoy the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area
If you’ve been raring to experience sand dunes like the ones you see on the internet in countries of the Middle East, Asia, or Africa, you don’t have to travel far. Oregon can offer you the same experience plus a whole lot more. It is situated along the coast, stretching from Florence up to the Coos Bay.

Like the fun activities you usually see for similar destinations, Oregon Dunes offer a wide array of outdoor activities, ranging from hiking, camping, horseback riding, to off-road treks. Since this place is part of the popular Siuslaw National Forest, you can also indulge in some forest and river activities.

On the other hand, being situated on the Oregon coast at the same time, your family can also enjoy beach activities for a complete nature exploration trip. And as if these aren’t enough, how about some added attractions on the side that kids will surely enjoy, like the Oregon Coast Aquarium, Heceta Head and Umpqua lighthouses, and the Sea Lion Caves.

Savor Newport City’s marine life
Unlike most tourist spots wherein you need to plan your visit during a particular season, Newport offers attractions all year round. On Yaquina Bay, get acquainted with its magnificent marine life through Oregon Coast Aquarium, which features underwater walkways and even a seabird aviary.

Your family can go kite flying or whale-watching, and then treat yourselves to sumptuous fresh seafood meals. Yaquina Bay also houses the 1871 Yaquina Bay Lighthouse, which is the tallest of all the 11 lighthouses in this state.

Have fun in city of Bend
Just visiting the city proper is enough for you and your whole family to keep wanting more of the things it can offer. Food, shops, and parks are undoubtedly some of the city’s great attractions. It is also home to the High Desert Museum, which is famous for its wildlife and kid-friendly activities such as camps and exhibits.

Since Bend City is also well-known for its marvelous landscape, so it’s an excellent opportunity to visit different tourist sites. Newberry National Volcanic Monument,  Cascade Lakes National Scenic Byway, and Smith Rock State Park are some of the most notable spots to explore. To enjoy some aerial views of these magnificent locations, watch this video:  

Splurge in Hood River and explore Columbia River Gorge
For the ultimate experience of being one with nature, perhaps nothing can be better than Columbia River Gorge and Hood River. Adults will definitely appreciate the peace and tranquility of nature, such as the gentle breeze, mild splashing of water, and just marvel at the wonders of God’s creations.

For kids, kite sailing and windsurfing would be a perfect alternative to the typical screen time at home. Young at hearts, meanwhile, can try extreme water sports, RV road trips, hiking, or biking along the hills.

Get thrilled by Hells Canyon National Recreation Area
On the Northeast side of Oregon lies the Hells Canyon National Recreation Area, which is a favorite among individuals that love outdoor adventures. Expect to be thrilled by whitewater rafting on the largest tributary of Columbia and one of the three major rivers in the region of the Greater Pacific Northwest – the Snake River.

You can also bring your bicycles and go mountain biking. For a hassle-free adventure, you can just go hiking or do horseback riding. There are also shops that provide outfits and even guides around the area that offer access through shuttles and jet boats for more convenience, or trekking by llamas or mules.

Be surprised by John Day Fossil Beds National Monument
If you want to treat the kids to something they probably won’t see elsewhere, or too often in their young lives, John Day Fossil Beds National Monument might be a perfect surprise. Unless, of course, they’ve been to Utah.

These impressive landscapes with badlands of different colors and eroded summit are more like a tour in the outer world. These are made of sedimentary rocks and fossils with 50 million years’ worth of decayed animals and plants.

Parting words
When planning for a trip with the family, you don’t need to go too far just yet. Take the opportunity to explore the hidden gems in the country, like what Oregon has in store for the whole gang.

Sometimes, it even doesn’t really matter what a place has to offer. As long as you’re with your loved ones, every minute is magical.