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Top of the best hotels with casinos in Australia

Here are the choicest casino hotels in Australia.

Australia is an amazing country with beautiful landscapes, endless beaches, and a warm climate. Tourists flock into this continent to see the amazing animals and mingle with the people. In addition to all these attractions, the casino industry in Australia is now flourishing and the casinos here are some of the busiest in the world. Some of the  best payout online casinos operate here, and most importantly, Australia has the largest number of safe casinos!

Both tourists and locals visit the casinos to roll the machines, play cards, or live dealer games. The hotel industry in Australia has taken note of this vibrant casino sector. As a result, casino hotels and resorts are popping up in various cities around Australia all the time. They provide places for accommodation, dining, entertainment, and wagering. Here are the choicest casino hotels in Australia. 

The Pullman Reef Hotel Casino
The hotel is located at the Trinity Inlet, a strategic location that offers breathtaking sceneries of the waters and the adjacent land. It is next to a cruise ship terminal, another strategic landmark for visitors arriving or departing. The Pullman reef hotel-casino has one of the best same-day withdrawal online casinos in Australia. Every room in the hotel gives guests a strategic view of Cairns city. It has a rooftop swimming pool, a sauna, a private garden balcony, and a gymnasium. By all standards, the hotel is a perfect destination for the entire family. 

For the new and experienced rollers, the hotel has a casino boutique offering both traditional and classic games. Gamblers can gamble on blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and other types of gambling. Gamblers who want to experience the higher stakes can visit the premium player club and bet bigger money for bigger gains. If you want to bet the high stakes, you must observe the club’s strict dressing code. 

The Star Sydney Casino
The casino owns several luxury hotels in Australia with its most luxurious hotel resorts based in Brisbane and Gold Coast. It gives visitors a wide range of entertainment choices including classic bars, mouthwatering dining, luxury accommodation, and spa services. Guests looking for a chance in gambling will find the Star Sydney Casino a good option. It operates some of the best payout online casinos for those who want to bet while in their rooms. 

Located near a waterfront, The Star Sydney Casino offers several types of casinos games. At the tables, guests play roulette and blackjack. Guests in the hotel have access to other types of games such as pai gow, poker, dice, casino war, and baccarat. Players must observe the library of rules published on the hotel’s website. 

Guests who want to experience gambling at a higher level are free to join the star club located at both the Brisbane and Gold Coast casino hotels. Club members access the private casinos in these facilities and receive special vouchers. 

Photo by Pavel Danilyuk from Pexels

Mindil Beach Casino Resort
Mindil Beach Casino Resort is a leading player in the casino industry in Australia. It is located in Darwin City, Australia. It is an exclusive casino resort offering visitors accommodation, dining, and most importantly gambling. Within the past year, the casino resort has paid out over $1.3 million jackpots. 

The lucky tiger accumulates points with every spin and guests can redeem the points and use them to play at the Colossus machine. Games such as territory escape give guests chances to win free $100 dining credit while my generation 50+ offers a variety of prices with each game. Other trending casino games at the hotel are keno, Friday 53, and mystery bonus. The location of the hotel resorts offers visitors an easy tour of the nearby attractions such as the museums, marine life, national parks, shopping malls, and more dining places. Other services offered by the Mindil Beach Casino Resort are restaurant services, spa, bar, and outdoor excursions. 

The Ville Resort Casino
The Ville Resort Casino is located barely a ten-minute walk from the Reef Aquarium. From the hotel, it will take about 15 minutes to walk to central Townsville. Whatever a guest would desire in a luxury hotel room, The Ville Resort-Casino has it. The rooms are fitted with a private ensuite bathroom, a minibar, and are fully airconditioned. Each of the three restaurants located within the hotel offers a different type of service including food and drinks. visit the Kobe restaurant for local foods, the aqua restaurant for buffet, and the spin restaurant for light food/snacks. 

Next to the casino is a sports bar for live sports around the world. The casino is full of activities as gamblers try their luck in different games on the tables and the machines. Within the casino are 370 gaming machines and slightly above 20 tables. If you want to take the gambling experience to the next level, join the VIP club in a private room overlooking the nearby island.  

The Darling
Australian cities are full of luxury and the local culture is vibrant. Sydney tops with everything that a visitor would want in a modern city. If you want to understand better the latest Aussie casino trends, visit the casino hotels in Sydney and you will have a better experience in the heart of Australia. One such place to visit is Darling. It is a boutique hotel offering luxury 5-star services. While in your room, you can view every corner of the city below and its towering skylines. Order any food you want and their experienced chefs will prepare it in minutes, 

The casino is located on the ground floor and offers 5-star entertainment you would assume you are no longer in Australia but in another world. Sit at the tables and flip cards for money. play poker, baccarat, carp, roulette, blackjack, or whatever your heart desires. For some, they would feel they want more of what a casino hotel in the class of the Darling can offer. The Mai Vang lounge was opened to offer exactly that to you. It is a VIP lounge offering unique relaxation, Vietnamese cuisine, world-class décor, and VIP games. 

Treasury Brisbane
Treasury Brisbane offers accommodation of its kind. The hotel has 125 rooms filled with splendor. It is a 5-star hotel with modern facilities that offer relaxation and luxury. Guests have several accommodation options. The deluxe king room has every amenity fit for a king. 

From the parlor king room, guests get panoramic views of the Brisbane River and Queens Park. The deluxe twin room is the perfect place for families and the hotel suites offer everything in a package. Guests seeking a mix of accommodation and entertainment book the casino deluxe king room. It features the latest facilities that a 5-star hotel can offer. Next to the rooms are gaming facilities. Guests have access to bars and restaurants located within the hotel. 

Crown Melbourne
Within Australia, Crown Melbourne is commonly referred to as coffee central because it’s the place to order Australia’s best coffee. The hotel is a popular tourist spot because its neighborhood is vibrant with nightlife. The hotel has classic rooms fitted with marble bathrooms. Guests have multiple choices for dining from luxury restaurants, casual dining, fast foods, etc. It’s easy to stroll within the neighborhood without worrying about security. 

Its casino offers everything magical from real cash games, to poker, sportsbooks, a large pool of slots machines. This is one of the few places where you can gable for hours and be sure to win something. The VIP lounge is for high rollers, celebrities, and those who want to enjoy the high stakes of Australia’s best casino hotel. 

There is no stopping to entertainment at the Crown Melbourne because, from the slot machines, guests are spoiled with live comedy shows and live concerts. If you love sports, visit the crown sports hub located in the hotel and catch up with all your favorite games such as NBA, UFC, and AFL. There is more luxury just for you at the VIP booth, a private pub that accommodates only six people. 

Wrest Point Tasmania
Wrest Point Tasmania is located only a few minutes from the beach and offers spectacular views of the blue waters, the nearby mountain ranges, the towering city, and the crystal-clear river. Guests have options to stay in the 4 star or 3.5-star rooms. The rooms have everything needed such as TV, air conditioning, internet, and coffee amenities. If you want to taste traditional Australian cuisine, take an elevator to the 17 floors and order your meals there. There is also an entertainment bar with live music where you can enjoy the local cocktails. 

The most memorable experience you will get in this hotel is when you visit the Wrest Point Tasmania casino. It is buzzing with entertainment from the tables to the machines. Wager on sports, play cards or turn the wheels. You have more than enough choices to make. The high rollers have been taken care of at the VIP gaming lounge. There are sorts of games to gable but you might want to take advantage of blackjack and poker tournaments played at the hotel throughout the year. 

Crown Promenade Perth Hotel
The hotel is located in Western Australia and provides an array of services such as spas, nightclubs, accommodation, restaurants, bars, and casinos. There is a gym within the hotel and all public points are fitted with WIFI. Accommodation options include the wrest point tower which offers 4.5-star accommodation services. The wrest point water edge has 4-star rooms and the wrest point motor inn 3 has 3-star rooms. The casino is a full entertainment facility with a sports bar, live music, and casino games. Guest bet on the slots, they play various types of cards, and those who want premium casino services have access to the VIP lounge. 

Sky City Darwin
Sky City Darwin is a beach hotel with the latest casino entertainment. From the hotel door, guests walk directly on the private beach full of white sand. Within less than 5 minutes’ walk, you can visit the tropical gardens and enjoy nature at its best. Guests have access to a spa with over eight rooms, 5 unique restaurants, two swimming pools, five bars, and a swim-up bar. From your room, you will enjoy the cool breeze as you view the nearby lagoons. 

At the Sky City Darwin, you gamble until you fall. There is no restriction as to how many times or how often you can gamble 24/7. There are over 600 slot machines located on their specific floor but the main casino floor, you will find a large number of tables. Think about your favorite game and you will get it at the Sky City Darwin. You can play poker, roulette, blackjack, or try your luck on sports betting. Access to the VIP lounge is restricted. 

Main photo by Marten Bjork on Unsplash

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