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Top seven travel essentials for your summer trip

Here are some summer essentials to pack in your suitcase for a perfect summer vacation.

Summers can be a great time to spend with your friends and family. It’s more fun if you travel to another country or place to make your summer more memorable. From choosing the best travel location to relaxing in the summer evening sun, you can create memories that last a lifetime.

You need a lot of planning to do from choosing your flight tickets to who you would be traveling with. You also need to carry along the things to make it a perfect vacation. When packing things for the trip, create a list of essentials so that you don’t miss out on anything before your flight.

Here are some summer essentials to pack in your suitcase for a perfect summer vacation.

Along with your suitcase, you should keep a backpack with you. Buy a reliable backpack that is comfortable and lightweight on your shoulders. This way, you can comfortably carry your essentials while traveling.

You will need to pack some snacks with you when you explore places all day. Take along a bag that has ample storage capacity. It’s better if it is rainproof, especially if you are traveling to a tropical place.

Pack your favorite sunscreen brand in your suitcase. Applying sunscreen before you head out is important during summer. Before you go out and relax on the beach, you need to protect your skin from UV rays.

An effective sunscreen has an SPF of 30 that blocks out most of the UV ways. If you don’t apply it, your risk of getting sunburn or skin cancer increases. If you still get skin tan, then you can apply aloe vera cream to reduce the discomfort of sunburn.

Zip lock bags
Get some zip-lock bags to pack liquid and small items. You can pack your creams, shampoo, and makeup items in zip-lock bags to protect them from leaking and spoiling your clothes.

You can even get big ones to pack wet towels and keep them away from dry ones. They are an essential packing item for your trip.

Good pair of sunglasses
Your summer vacation won’t be complete without a good pair carrera sunglasses. Besides being a fashion statement, shades provide protection to the eyes.

When you shop for glasses, look for ones that can protect your eyes from 100 percent UV rays. You can also purchase polarised glasses to reduce reflections off water surfaces. Choose the best quality glasses from online stores like Vision Direct.

Underwater camera
A summer trip calls for beaches and you will want to capture the best moments on the camera. Take an underwater camera so you won’t have to worry even if water spills over it.

If you don’t want to invest in an underwater camera, you can buy a waterproof case for your phone. Even if you don’t want to take your phone underwater, such cases come in handy if you are going to be around water a lot.

Summer slippers
You need a few comfy slippers or slides for your trip. It is a must-have for roaming around popular places all day.

Keep an extra pair of lightweight slippers in your backpack especially when you go out to the beach. This way, your other shoes won’t get dirty or damaged by water.

Mosquito repellent
During the summers, it is important to keep a mosquito repellant with you. There are chances that you will encounter pesky mosquitos wherever you go.

Carrying a topical repellant cream will keep the bugs away so that you can enjoy a peaceful summer evening outdoors.