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What is six sigma certification – Use and reasons to get it

Have you just heard about six sigma certifications and want to know what it is and how it works.

Are you someone who recently got involved in the world of business and wants to improve the fundamental skills required to make judgments, critical thinking, and much more? Have you just heard about six sigma certifications and want to know what it is and how it works?

If your answer to these questions is yes, you have found yourself coming to the right article. In this article, we will be looking at in detail what six sigma certifications are and what purpose they hold in your professional life/ career.

Understanding six sigma certification
When they hear of the term six sigma certification, many people get confused and instantly assume that it is a complicated process. Still, in reality, it is quite simple and extremely beneficial. The term six sigma certification refers to verifying any individual showing that the person has the skills required for professional business.

The six sigma system is built on and awarded on a different belt system, just like karate. This whole term and the meaning/use was first established back in 1980 and soon began to popularize in different parts of the country. There is no standard curriculum when it comes to attaining the certificate itself.

White belt
Coming to the first belt of the six sigma certification, we have a white belt which is essentially the first step and is regarded as a standard stage of the six sigma. Anyone willing to get into six sigma certification must pass through this first stage and pay a fee to attend the class, which normally has a duration of 2-4 hours.

During this training, attendees will learn in detail about the basic understanding of six sigma lean tools. Not only that, but they will also be able to learn the different aspects of phases that are DMAIC (define, measure, analyze, improve and lastly, control).

Yellow belt
The second stage of the six sigma certificate is the yellow belt which introduces several fundamental concepts that could help and prepare the attendees for DMAIC. Throughout the course, the instructor will cover the overview of the program, waste identification, introduction to technical statistics, and six sigma deployment.

After the end of this course, the main thing that attendees will have is knowledge regarding concepts of the white belt, understanding tools of six sigma and how they can be used to become valuable contributors to any sort of business or organization.

Green belt
In the green belt stage of six sigma, individuals solely focus on simply process projects. The majority of the time, attendees can combine the green belt training with the black belt, and there are several benefits to this.

One of the reasons this is beneficial is for the individuals to complete their training faster. Instead of doing green belt first and then moving to the next, they can combine and perform faster.

During this phase, you will learn about concepts and methodology such as root cause analysis and FMEA and adapt the confidence of taking necessary and appropriate skills and using them for six sigma projects. It may take time and effort to understand six sigma; hence if you want, you could learn more about six sigma here.

Black belt
The black belt phase of the six sigma certificate program is best suited for those individuals who are eager and interested in learning and mastering the skills, techniques and strategies of six sigma. Through learning Black belt, individuals hold the power of mentoring green belts and leading top-quality projects that could help them move forward in their professional careers.

This certification is extremely reputable, and with it, you can start working on your project on six sigma. After the duration of this course ends, attendees will be able to apply various types of experiments and advanced statistical tools, determine the sample size for different projects and work with technical data for distribution purposes.

Master black belt
This two-week master's program is designed for those individuals who are interested in an advanced and focused approach to six sigma certification projects and statistical methods. The overall program's work goes beyond black belt teaching as it introduces new tools, helping every individual become more confident and gain career growth.

Throughout this program, individuals will create a deeper and better understanding of the DMAIC. By having an in-depth knowledge of statistical methods, people can handle and assist projects. Another great thing about learning this course is that after it is done, you will learn how to answer technical and difficult questions more professionally and straightforwardly.

Reasons to get six sigma certification
Now you might be wondering what exactly are the reasons to get six sigma certification when you can learn about concepts and techniques through any corporation? The answer to that is simply as in six sigma. It helps your organization reduce risks and eliminate the likelihood of having errors and defects.

Besides this, with the help of analytical and statistical methods, acquired individuals can learn to improve their business processes and overall sustain quality improvement. Another great reason for choosing six sigma certification is the relatively high salary compared to other forms of careers.

Benefits of choosing six sigma certification
When it comes to the benefits of choosing six sigma, there are several to list down; however, some of the most important ones are that with the help of certificates and the skills acquired through the different courses, there are higher chances of increased productivity. By implementing six sigma streamline processes, individuals can boost client confidence and trust during business projects.

Not only that, but with the help of six sigma, you could also gain credibility and stakeholders' trust, which is extremely important when it comes to having quality competition and the need for investors and partners.

Overall though, it can be said that with the help of skills and knowledge acquired at the different phases and levels of the training, you could move forward in the world of business and the corresponding technical projects that come with it. Hopefully, by now, you have a better understanding of what six sigma certifications are and their importance in your professional career.

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