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Who has the best custom Christmas photo cards?

We have an endless selection of Christmas photo cards for you to send to all your family and friends.

Get ready for the holiday season with Mixbook’s fantastic selection of Christmas photo cards. Choose from conventional flat, folded cards, or more distinctive, modern options. Every card is available in a vast range of premium types of papers. We have an endless selection of Christmas photo cards for you to send to all your family and friends.

Planning your Christmas season greetings
There is no better way to get ready for the Christmas season than choosing an excellent Christmas card. It might be the only way you send physical mail to your family and friends throughout the year. Because of that, you will want your card to be memorable, beautiful, and impactful. Mixbook’s unique Christmas cards are designed by a community of independent global artists to ensure that your card will be unique and stylish.

When should you order Christmas cards?
It is difficult to get time for all the important people in your life with all the activities of the holiday season. That is why sending a Christmas photo card is an excellent way to say that you are thinking about them and wishing them a merry Christmas. Follow our timing below to ensure that you are on schedule and avoid a last-minute rush.

When to begin designing: You might want to take a lot of time designing your ideal Christmas cards with a picture, the input of your loved ones, or experiment with various designs. Generally, Mixbook recommends that you design your card at least a week before placing your order. That will ease some time pressure and provide you with an opportunity to make your card perfect.

Gathering addresses: Confirm if your list of addresses is complete and updated at least a week before ordering your cards. If you require assistance collecting addresses, you can take advantage of Mixbook’s Address Collection service. Getting the addresses of your recipients will be an easy process using our three-step address collection process. First, visit Mixbook’s address assistant. Then, enter the email address of your contact. When the recipient responds, their information will be automatically updated into your Mixbook’s address book, and you are good to go.

When to place an order: Although Christmas might seem far away, it is never too early to place your order. Mixbook recommends that you order your cards in the first weeks of November to avoid pre-Christmas stress.

When to send your cards: Now that your Christmas cards have been created, send them to your loved ones two to three weeks before December 25. If you have family and friends who live abroad, your cards will take longer to get to them. To ensure that they get them before Christmas.

Mixbook offers limitless customizable options for your Christmas cards to ensure that your cards are flawless and unique. We offer distinctive design styles to choose from to ensure that you will get a perfect card regardless of your aesthetic preferences. We understand that planning your card is simple if you choose them and make customized designs around it. That is why we provide various theme ideas for inspiration to ensure that your card perfectly suits your needs. Browse our wide selection of Christmas cards to find designs that will best suit your Christmas card.