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Greyhound and FlixBus combine technology to create the largest intercity bus network

  • Greyhound and FlixBus buses
  • Greyhound and FlixBus' extended network after integration.

Combined technology makes travel even easier ahead of the busy Spring travel season. Combined network now has almost 2,300 destinations across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

DALLAS – Flix North America Inc., the Dallas-based entity overseeing operations for both Greyhound and FlixBus across North America, announced the co-integration of both brand’s booking platform enabling a shared, extended intercity bus network from which customers can more easily search, book and travel throughout North America. With spring travel season kicking off,customers can now book rides with Greyhound and FlixBus to almost 2,300 destinations across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico from either brands’ websites or apps.

Munich-based Flix SE acquired Greyhound Lines Inc. in 2021. Having already been present in the North American market with its FlixBus brand since 2018, the purchase of Greyhound brought together two leaders of the travel industry to offer a smart and affordable way to travel.

“This is an exciting time for intercity bus travel,” said Kai Boysan, CEO steering FlixBus and Greyhound in North America. “By leveraging synergies from Greyhound’s experience in connecting communities nationwide for over a century and FlixBus’ innovative technology, we are able to provide millions of travelers access to more affordable, convenient, and an overall better travel experience.”

Enhancing the Intercity Bus Travel Experience

FlixBus’ innovative global technology coupled with Greyhound’s iconic nationwide presence is setting a new standard for intercity bus transportation. In addition to a shared booking platform, customers can expect a series of enhanced products and features sure to make the travel experience even better:

  • One Booking, One Ticket: Whether the trip is point-to-point or has multiple stops and bus changes, customers have just one ticket for the entire journey.
  • Reserved Seating: During the booking process, customers can reserve seats for a small fee.
  • New Payment Methods: ApplePay (available now) and GooglePay planned for early Spring.
  • First Bag Travels Free: One carry-on bag and one luggage are included in the standard ticket price, and passengers can add additional luggage for a small fee.
  • Manage My Booking: Customers can now easily manage all their bookings through either brands’ website and app, including rescheduling or cancelling trips, updating passenger information, and reserving a seat.
  • Carbon Offset Credits: Passengers can now offset their carbon emissions with each trip through FlixBus’ partnership with atmosfair for 1-3% of their overall ticket price.
  • Free Wi-Fi/Onboard Entertainment: As always, passengers can enjoy free Wi-Fi, power outlets to charge devices and onboard entertainment.
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