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The Global Marketing Institute launches a new Book on EU’s GDPR for hoteliers

This book provides to hoteliers practical advice on adopting and managing GDPR.

ATHENS, GREECE – 25th of May 2018 the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been adopted by all the organisations in the European Union. The GDPR decisively states that privacy is not just a requirement but a fundamental right to individuals. Hotels are required to implement the GDPR and therefore face numerous practical challenges that cover the wide scope of the Regulation. To the rescue with practical advice, step by step instructions, and fifty tools is the latest publication by Dr. Antonios Michail, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for Hoteliers.

The book provides a hands-on view of how hoteliers should approach the challenge of reaching GDPR compliance. The book defines what goes into a GDPR program – including identifying personal data specifically for Hotels, individuals’ rights and how Hotels can engage with them, governance, security, answers to your questions (such as what can I do with my website, OTAs, existing email lists, consent, cookies, CCTV, health data, and other)? In addition, a whole chapter is dedicated to audit personal data you process. Furthermore, the guide provides insights on how to comply as a Hotel with the GDPR stepby-step.

“The GDPR is important to Hotels, even if they feel that they do not process personal data. It is important that they will comply with the GDPR before a former or existing guest files a complaint against them. Simply put, under the GDPR you cannot claim that you did not know. Be GDPR compliant and avoid fines,” said Dr. Antonios Michail, CEO of the Global Marketing Institute. “Hotels with a compact governance structure will have an advantage in complying with the regulation, while others might find it challenging. No matter where your Hotels stands in the process, this book offers numerous tools to guide your compliance with the GDPR.”

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