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A comprehensive guide of how to learn French swiftly


With the right schedule of time, interest, adequate resources, and a tutor, you can learn French swiftly. Also, use the tips below and you will have more fun while learning.

Are you making moves to visit France some weeks to come? Maybe you were invited to an interview by a multinational company of French origin. 

Just like learning other languages from scratch, you will also need to memorize learning French. This activity can come easy for children; adults can have a bit of a tough time with memorizing.

Let's get down to it, learning a new language could take time. And if you rarely have much time to spare, you would want a way to learn it swiftly. That's what you are about to discover in the comprehensive guide. It shows you how to learn French swiftly. Read on!

How to learn French as an adult
Honestly, it can seem like a daunting task when an adult begins to learn French. At least, it is more challenging for most adults than when little children attempt to learn French. Kids learn languages faster. That's how their brain works. A kid can naturally pick up any language around his/her immediate environment. The language acquisition skills of children are superb compared to most adults.

Also, ego is often absent in children. They aren't always self-conscious like most adults are. This helps children learn languages faster. And in most cases, kids naturally learn via error. Adults will learn French swiftly if they pay attention to this fact.

For kids, there is enough time to learn several speech patterns. This occurs at different stages and places. Adults can only figure out the fastest way to learn a new language using different means as time for learning may be limited.

As an adult, the fastest way to learn French is to get a competent tutor. You would be guided in what resources will be effective for speaking and listening. Use these resources consistently and your language skills will drastically improve. If you are very busy, you would find listening materials more helpful for your learning process.

How to learn French by yourself
Many people believe French is not a self-taught language. That's not true. You can learn French by yourself, but it may take more time of learning and constant practice. Nothing is unachievable with commitment and motivation, you can learn how to speak French fluently. To attain this goal faster, you also need the right learning tools and methods of learning French. You will discover more about this later. If you lack adequate resources for learning, then it will be difficult for you to accomplish your mission of learning the French language.

Which is faster: Learning French with a tutor or by yourself?
As established above, learning the French language by yourself can take time, especially if you are not well equipped with the right resources. To learn French takes time and commitment. Whatever motivates you to learn this language (work or travel), you can have fun during the learning process.

Your approach to learning will be determined by how fast you want to learn French. Your style of learning will determine whether you should learn it by yourself or find a French tutor. But the fastest way to learn this language is to get a tutor. A tutor can help you learn the language faster by recommending useful resources.

Either way, you choose to go, your time and efforts are still required to achieve your learning goals. Your resources, funds, and schedules should be put into consideration.

Five tips to learn French faster
You can also try these learning approaches; they help you learn French swiftly.

  • Full immersion

Going for full immersion is a great way to quickly learn French. This could require little work at first but it will soon become second nature. Simply, you will understand the French language in no time with full immersion. The experiences you would have will be unforgettable. There are several tailored programs for every level.

  • Watch French movies

French movies that also have subtitles in French are a fun way to learn the language faster. Here, you would be familiar with daily French idiomatic expressions as well as a common vocabulary. Also, the words of actors can be read as they are being pronounced. This habit trains your ear which also helps enhance your accent.

  • Have fun practicing with a partner

This method works best if you can learn with a native French speaker who is also interested in learning your language. You will alternate conversations between both languages. 

Another interesting thing here is to learn French with your friend or spouse. You can have fun and progress together.

  • Listen to French songs

Learning French by listening to some popular French songs can be fun and effective. Just like for French movies, the text of songs can be translated. Translate them and sing along. That's how you quickly understand the meaning of a French song, thereby improving your learning process.

  • Reading

You can get grammar books in French. They will enhance your reading and understanding skills. With a good French book, literary and complicated phrasing will become easier to tackle. Buy grammar books written in the French language that are easier for foreigners to digest.

How long will it take me to learn French?
There is no one answer to this question. People are different and so they learn at different paces.

A study by the FSI revealed that an English-speaking person may require between twenty-three and twenty-four weeks (approximately between 575 and 600 hours) to learn the French language. Proficiency comes from fully studying the language.

Can you learn French in less than three months? Nothing is impossible, you can learn it, but it won't be an easy task.

With the right schedule of time, interest, adequate resources, and a tutor, you can learn French swiftly. Also, use the tips above and you will have more fun while learning. Finally, you can Learn French in France at the Centre International d'Antibes.

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