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Beautiful floral destinations? Here are the top five flower destinations


So you really don't have to travel far to enjoy plants! Some ideas for a fun vacation.

Flowers in the Netherlands are always popular
In the Netherlands, flower and plant lovers can indulge themselves. Set out with a Field Guide Dutch flora and you'll be amazed at the wealth of plants and flowers in the Netherlands.

So you really don't have to travel far to enjoy plants! Some ideas for a fun vacation:

  • Cycling among the bulb fields
  • Blossom walks in the Netherlands
  • Visiting botanical gardens

Flower trips in Europe
Staying at destinations close to home, there are numerous beautiful natural areas with lots of flowers and plants, such as the Hoge Veluwe, where the specific flies are common, surrounded by heather, which shows itself in full purple splendor at the end of August. But also the floodplains along the river Waal, for example near Varik let themselves go completely wild, especially in spring, with their exuberant floral splendor. Just three hours drive from Utrecht is the Eifel, where everything is in full bloom in the spring. Also Denmark has plenty of Danish flowers which are called ‘’blomster’’ or ‘’friske blomster’’.

If we look higher up, we can also find plenty of plants and flowers on vacation in the Alps. In spring, until early July, the lower meadows in Austria and Switzerland are in full bloom. And after mowing, there is still plenty to enjoy higher up the mountain. The gentian is really that blue, the edelweiss really not that rare. When the snow has just melted, the little soldanella stands proudly and you can find whole fields of white crocuses at these altitudes. In autumn, it is precisely the yellow larches that color the mountain slopes.

The Azores in spring
Visit the Azores in spring, too! Seas of hydrangeas provide an explosion of blue flowers. Hydrangeas are used as hedges to separate meadows. Info on beautiful places in the Azores. Also special are the almond trees in Murcia in Spain: in late February the plains turn white and pink with blossoms in this area. Very special to see!

Floral distant destinations
Further from home, it is the exotic plants and flowers that demand a photo. The giant trees in Sequoia National Park, America or the brightly colored flowers of cacti on Bonaire. Rare trees can also be found in New Zealand, such as the kauri, the world's second largest tree, but also in Madagascar, for example, where the baobab is almost a national symbol. Stirling Range National Park is known as the flower garden of Western Australia. If you like to know what you will see, purchase a nature booklet of the area you are going to, even children often enjoy looking up what they see. Enjoy your vacation, enjoy nature! On our site you will find per destination information about nature, plants and flowers and of course the most beautiful nature trips.

Spanish landscape and flower species
In the Spanish landscape you can discover many different types of flowers. This is due to its location and different climates. A lot of greenery, including forests and meadows, can be found especially in the north of Spain. Here lies the mountainous region of the Pyrenees. In the south of Spain there is the Mediterranean climate and this allows for the growth of beautiful wild tropical flowers and plants.

Anyone who has ever been to Spain will surely have noticed this flower: the carnation. In fact, this blood-red flower is the national flower of Spain. The flower represents passion and desire, which makes it a perfect gift for lovers. Also, the red carnation symbolizes friendship. By the way, it is typically Spanish to wear the carnation during national holidays and the traditional Spanish dance, flamenco. Spanish men often wear the red carnation on their jacket or vest while Spanish ladies tuck the flower into their hair.

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