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Cozystay is streamlining its vacation rental experience with Slickspaces


Automation is enabling vacation rentals to compete with hotels.

VANCOUVER, B.C. - Cozystay, an online vacation rental platform serving Chinese travelers worldwide, has partnered with Slickspaces to enhance its service offering with services such as 24/7 key-less entry and suite automation systems. 

“Slickspaces gives our customers entry to their vacation property without the use of keys or fobs, meaning that we don’t need to have someone on-site at each location simply to exchange a key or open the door. This extra layer of service adds enormous flexibility for our guests and makes it possible for vacation rentals better compete with hotels that would have a 24-hour front desk attendant,” said Donald Kim, VP of Business Development, Cozystay.

This partnership is enabling Cozystay to service its growing customer base while efficiently maintaining its high-quality service level. 2018 saw Cozystay's total number of transactions close to double, and the total average length of stay nearly triple.

“By automating the check-in experience, guests do not have to rely on hosts to drop off keys - this is especially beneficial if the guests are arriving late. Further, flights can be delayed, people can be stuck in traffic and sometimes the host may need to come from across town to let the guests in,” added Kim. “By automating this process, we make the experience painless for both hosts and guests.”

A key demographic that Cozystay serves is Chinese travelers, who tend to desire an increased level of service when vacationing. For this demographic, hassle-free keyless entry can be a big selling point. 

“We enable companies like Cozystay to concentrate on the guest experience, not worry about dropping off or collecting the keys for each check-in and check-out. The manpower to drop off and pick up each key can be eliminated so that Cozystay can concentrate on services that add direct value to the accommodations such as cleaning services and personal concierge services,” said Michael Driedger, CEO and Founder of Slickspaces.

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