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Craving for serene places? We’ve got the best spots for you


A region drenched with untamed and surreal natural beauty, the Smoky National Park is devastatingly magnificent. Nestled in Eastern Tennessee, this breathtaking region is one of the most serene destinations in the United States.

Are you exploring the most ethereal places on Planet Earth to enjoy a soul-rejuvenating and invigorating vacation? It’s natural to crave serenity and tranquility when modern-day life gets overwhelmingly chaotic and nature-deprived. What could be better than immersing in the peace and calmness of nature to unwind? 

Do you know what’s unnatural and unhealthy for you? Neglecting to answer the call of the wilderness creating waves of longing in your heart is indeed unwholesome. Now that you have decided to answer this call, allow us to flood you with inspiration. 

Let’s a look at some amazingly serene destinations to unwind and rejuvenate:

Smoky Mountains National Park 
A region drenched with untamed and surreal natural beauty, the Smoky National Park is devastatingly magnificent. Nestled in Eastern Tennessee, this breathtaking region is one of the most serene destinations in the United States. The Smoky Mountains beckon honeymooners, couples, backpackers, families, and adventure seekers with majestic natural beauty and serene landscapes.

You can go chasing synchronized fireflies while exploring nature trails that lead you deep into the heart of the Smoky Mountains. The region is sprawled with an abundance of hiking trails, and it’s wise to choose a centrally-located area for accommodation. The luxury Gatlinburg cabins are all the rage in travel and honeymooning spots. Gatlinburg has an exciting nightlife, paired with a rich culture and an idyllic mountainside beauty.  

Even if you don’t enjoy long hikes and nature trails, there’s much to rejoice in and explore in the Smoky Mountains. You can explore local heritage and culture, attend unforgettable music and food festivals, and feast your eyes on scenic vistas. 

Who hasn’t dreamt of booking a yoga retreat in Bali after watching Eat Pray Love? Bali is the ultimate zen destination for a spiritual journey for transformation and soul cleansing. Famous as the Island of the Gods, Bali is a lot more than just an Instagram-worthy travel destination. The experience may seem superficial, but you will find pure, solid gold if you dig beneath the surface. 

The island has everything: active volcanoes, towering mountains, untouched beaches, and dense rainforests. It offers a distinctive slice of serenity served on a platter of paradise-like beauty and tropical charm. The spiritual influence and Buddhist culture make the island a powerful abode to cleanse your mind and achieve peace and serenity. 

Loch Lomond
A prized jewel of the breathtaking Scottish Highlands, Loch Lomond beckons serenity seekers with its magnificent beauty. A 27-mile lake tucked in the heart of the Trossachs National Park; Loch Lomond is full of indulgent surprises. It takes you deep into the heart of the Scottish wilderness, a region that is untamed and incredibly wild. 

Everywhere the eyes turn, one encounters lush vegetation and stunning views of rolling years. The oak woodlands create an idyllic landscape for long walks. Travelers can explore the fun criss-cross cycling trails in the Bend Lomond mountain or have picnics in Conic Hill. 

The stone cottages and cobblestone pathways of the ancient Luss village beguile their romantic ambiance and old-world charm. The rolling Scottish countryside is hands-down the best destination to sample local delicacies and Scottish wine. We strongly urge you to embark on the Luss Heritage Path to indulge in the unfiltered beauty of the countryside. 

The crown jewel of French Polynesia, Tahiti is the largest island in the region, brimming with spectacular surprises. We’ve all experienced Tahiti in Hollywood movies, but beauty is unbelievably breathtaking in real life. Nestled in the heart of Polynesia, Tahiti is the ultimate zen destination for nature lovers and serenity seekers. 

There are plenty of activities for adventure enthusiasts and water sports lovers. You can head out to explore lush nature trails lined with waterfalls, lakes, and splendid lagoons. Imagine immersing yourself in the scenic expanse of the Blue Lagoon or Bora Bora. The island is brimming with a picturesque variety of white sand and black sand beaches, each offering a unique experience. 

A trip to Tahiti is incomplete without losing yourself in the turquoise lagoon of Bora Bora. The ultimate zen corner, Bora Bora beckons nature lovers to rejoice in the beauty of the Pacific coast at its best. You can relax and unwind in an opulent luxury resort or enjoy a low-key backpacking adventure with plenty of beach-bumming. 

Mount Ararat
Lush vineyards, breathtaking plains, and ancient monasteries; Mount Ararat is the crown jewel of the Armenian travel industry. Travelers willingly embark on life-changing spiritual pursuits in the tranquillity and picturesque landscape of Mount Ararat. 

It is hands-down one of the most serene and peaceful destinations on the planet. You can explore the ancient monastery that dates back to 643 AD and revel in the diverse cultural charm. Khor Virap invites nature lovers to explore its breathtaking splendor and revel in the peaceful ambiance. 

Choosing a destination amongst hundreds and thousands of islands, cities, and national parks is overwhelming. How does one pick a single destination out of an abundance of choices? Here’s a little trick to help you out: close your eyes and visualize yourself in your happiest, calmest mental space.

Where do you see yourself? Are you surrounded by sandy beaches, snow-covered mountains, or lush rainforests? Use that visualization as your guide while finding the perfect destination. Your happy place will give you all the inspiration you need to pin down the ideal location for your zen adventure.


Photo by Mateusz Sałaciak from Pexels 


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