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Four amazing places you should visit on your trip to Italy


Italy has so much history and beauty packed into its borders that it seems impossible to see everything in one trip.

Italy has been around for centuries. There are still untouched villages and ancient ruins that have been changed over time to be found, all packed into the beautiful landscape of this country. If you're thinking about taking a trip to Italy soon, here's 4 amazing places you should visit.

Rome and The Vatican
Rome is one of the most visited cities in Europe. The restaurants, architecture, and history are what bring people to this beautiful city. However, churches are also a big draw for many tourists. One of the world's greatest masterpieces can be found in Rome: St Peter's Basilica at The Vatican. Many people choose to partake in guided tours of the Vatican as a great way to visit all of the significant locations and hear about the history. St Peter's Basilica took several hundred years to complete, but the art inside has made it timeless and definitely worth checking out on your visit to Italy!

The Vatican City is a whole state of its own and was established in 1929. This area covers only a small portion of the city of Rome, but it's still one of the most visited attractions in Italy. You can find here some truly incredible architecture that you won't see anywhere else like the previously mentioned St Peter's Basilica and the Sistine Chapel as just some examples. If you love art as much as we do, then this is definitely somewhere you should consider visiting on your next trip to Italy! 

The Colosseum in Rome is also one of the most significant pieces of architecture in the world. While the story behind it is fascinating, so are some of the more obscure facts about its construction. For example, did you know that there were more than 80 entrances (and therefore exit points) to get into this massive building? Imagine how many people they were able to get inside at one time!

A trip to Italy would be incomplete without a visit to Venice. The small island city is known for its waterways and gondola rides. However, this ancient city has several other features that make it stand out as well, like cathedrals and historical landmarks. Visitors can also take boat tours around the city to get an even better look at the beautiful scenery. 

Known as one of the must-see places in all Europe, Venice completely embodies what vacation dreams are made of: sunset gondola rides through quiet waters, seafood pasta by candlelight, and streets filled with markets and shops where you can find anything from hand-made leather shoes to trinkets for your nieces and nephews. St Mark's Basilica is an attraction you don't want to miss during your time in Venice!

Lago di Como
Lake Como, also known as Lago di Lario, is a clear blue jewel of northern Italy. It's one of the deepest lakes in all of Europe, but has very little rainfall and no rivers running into it, so its waters stay still and pristine. Many celebrities have homes here: George Clooney just bought his third home here recently! This beautiful location would be perfect for a relaxing vacation or romantic getaway.

In Lake Como, you can find Bellagio, which is a charming town on the border of the lake. There are comfortable boats to rent here, along with wine tours and guided Italian cooking experiences. The castle of San Martino sits on top of Bellagio, providing panoramic views over the city and its surrounding areas.

Portofino is a small fishing village located on the Italian Riviera, where you can find some genuine Mediterranean architecture and plenty of yachts docking by the port. Here, you'll find old-fashioned carnival rides and luxury shops to explore, but you can also just take a stroll along the coastal path and enjoy the colorful buildings and epic views. Plus, it's rumored that this is where Audrey Hepburn met her prince charming: Cary Grant!

Portofino is a quaint fishing village in Italy that has been visited by celebrities over the years for its beauty and history. It's only accessible by ferry or seaplane from nearby Genoa, but once you're there it's a quiet paradise! Many celebrities have homes here as well: Madonna has a home here as well as John Phillips from The Mamas & Papas! If you ever make it out to Lago d'iOrta, make sure to stop by Portofino too!

Photo by Domenico Farone from Pixabay

Italy has so much history and beauty packed into its borders that it seems impossible to see everything in one trip. If you're planning on going abroad soon, come visit Italy! The food alone will make coming back more worth it.

Main photo by Walkerssk from Pixabay

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